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Kamlesh Nagware

Kamlesh Nagware

TEDx Speaker & Top 30 Influencer CTO, Snapper Future Tech


Kamlesh is a TEDx speaker and CTO Blockchain at Snapper Future Tech. He is among the top 30 Influencers of Blockchain in India, Founding Member of India Blockchain Forum. He is Hyperledger India Co-Chair and a member of the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee(TSC2021-22).Also, Blockchain Mentor at APIARY Blockchain COE which is STPI & MEITY(Govt. of India) and Advisor to Web3, Tokenization, CBDC Start-ups globally.

Future trends in Tokenization & Regulatory challenges
Future trends in tokenization include increased tokenization of diverse assets such as real estate and art, and the continued expansion of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in entertainment and art industries. Regulatory challenges will arise in ensuring compliance, investor protection, and addressing potential risks as tokenization becomes more prevalent in various sectors.