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Deepak Selvaraj

Deepak Selvaraj

Director, DevOps and Quality Engineering, Transform UK


Having built Virgin Media B2B’s Quality Engineering and DevOps departments to extra-ordinary financial and technical heights from 2015-2021, Deepak then moved onto solve a similar challenge for Transform UK as the Director of DevOps and Quality Engineering. Alongside work he is influential within the Software Testing and DevOps sectors, speaking at conferences, tech workshops, and judging awards. He also supports young people by talking in schools about his career and inspiring future generations. He is passionate about empowering his team and the people he works with, leading by example to create a workplace built on trust and respect.

Quality is beyond just testing in 2023 – evolution through AI Chatbot and ChatGPT
ChatGPT’s everywhere, isn’t it? You’d be hard pressed to find someone in your industry, or even friendship group, who hasn’t tried it out at least once*. We are mostly curious creatures after all.

While AI isn’t new, the debate continues around where and how to adopt it and that’s why we’re throwing one more viewpoint into the mix. Quality Engineering/Testing, a pillar of the software development lifecycle, is undergoing a shift like never before. As of 2023, tech companies are investing more than 25% of their total budget into QA and testing. This statistic is an evident indicator of the activity’s utmost importance. But what if there was a way to transform this essential component, making it more accurate, efficient, effective, and even cost-saving?

In this session let’s look at how Generative AI can entirely transform the QA process. We will dive deep into how we build an AI solution (POC) for UK’s Department for Education its potential to automate repetitive tasks, reduce manual effort, and enhance the accuracy and speed of the testing process. We will examine how these changes has the potential to help DfE to build more reliable software, faster delivery times, and a more simplified and efficient QA process.

This should make us think: if Generative AI can bring such a massive improvement in QA process, how much more can the wider software development benefit from this? What does ‘next gen QA’ really look like !