Alain Dupuis

Vice President of UnaBiz

Alain joined UnaBiz as Vice President, Industrial development. He is also the Head of UnaBiz Aerospace Business Unit. His role is to establish strategic partnership to create industry leading IoT solutions. Alain brings 25 years of expertise in the development and deployment of key digital technologies and business processes.

In the past seven years, Alain developed a team of researchers at Airbus to redefine the way aircraft maintenance is performed. Improvements in operation safety and productivity were achieved thanks to the deployment of digital information from advanced virtual training to augmented reality and wearable computing. He also started TESTIA Asia Pacific, a fully owned subsidiary of Airbus Group dedicated to Non-Destructive Testing. Prior to this, Alain was leading the industrial product lifecycle management for Olympus in Singapore. He also played key roles in start up companies leading the way in 3D printing and Virtual Reality.

Throughout his career, Alain has been a pioneer and advocate for the usage of digital technologies in product design and process management. His portfolio covers industrial computers and peripherals, consumer electronics and transportation products, video games and productivity software.

Alain holds a Bachelor of Technology and Mechanical Engineering from the University of St Denis de la Réunion, France, and he studied Industrial Design at Ecole Supérieure de Design Industriel in Paris.