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The term "DevOps" typically refers to the emerging professional movement that advocates a collaborative working relationship between Development and IT Operations, resulting in the fast flow of planned work achieving the value stream that is between the business (where requirements are defined) and the customer (where value is delivered). It is a new way of looking at development altogether.

This conference "DevOps Summit" brings together leading practitioner-organisations who have achieved Continuous Delivery and organisational transformation.

Learn more about DevOps skills, Delivering Processes, Tools for building and deployment, Legacy Challenges, Security Integration, Cross-team engagement and many more.

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Our speakers

  • Fabian Iannarella


  • Ajay Nair


  • Kiran Ravula


  • Sougata Das


  • Abhijit Khan


  • Tom Crampton

    Trusted Impact Pty. Ltd

  • Roux Visser

    The Migration Company

  • Iranga Muthuthanthri


  • Karel Malbroukou Moendzenahou




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Fabian Iannarella, DevOps Capability Practice Lead, 460degrees

Topic Abstract

Interested in DevOps but not sure how to get started? Join us to explore the real meaning behind DevOps and how to begin your own DevOps Journey. Every organization is different, but DevOps is a universal concept, and it can be applied anywhere. We'll explore some common patterns and approaches, both technical and cultural that can get your organization started on their own adventure!

Roux Visser, Managing Director, The Migration Company

Topic Abstract

Karel Malbroukou Moendzenahou, Lead Engineer, irexchange

Topic Abstract

Come and hear about my experiences working in startups and bigger companies on pipeline building, and how this experience brought to a way I now build pipeline that can evolve and survive the ever-changing pace of technology. But I do believe that a bit of structure, going back to the roots of why CI/CD came about and re-defining our opportunity to enable a business as devops-minded people can help us be more efficient in the workplace

Abhijit Khan, Practice Leader, Performance Testing & Engineering (PACE), Cognizant Technology Solutions

Topic Abstract

As we have matured our software development process, DevOps has gained more prominence than ever. While by definition it is the conjugal between Dev and Ops, in reality, it is much more than that. DevOps is a way to create the culture of collaboration, by bringing every single stakeholders into the game; It is also a way to instigate the principle of automation at every single phase of the delivery, in an effort to make the process seamless, faster and free from human error.

Does that mean 'Quality' will be left out in the cold in a DevOps world ? Does this put software testing a bit less relevant ?

And surprisingly, the answer to both of these are a BIG 'NO' ! And the reason is even simpler.

Welcome to the world of 'customers-first' business where quality and customer experience supersedes everything else. And to deliver that superior experience, there is no short cut. Notion of 'Quality' is now more important than ever. It is now embedded from the very beginning of the Product development till it reaches the users, or even after that. And the idea of DevOps stems from the very need for delivering superiors customer experience, by delivering software faster and better. And the only way to make it truly achievable when everyone in the game remains answerable for 'Quality'; DevOps is driving Quality - not losing it.

In this talk, we will hunt down those aspects of Quality that makes DevOps to thrive and makes a product ‘Successful’ !

Kiran Ravula, Agile Coach, Tata Consultancy Services

Topic Abstract

Digital transformation is not just integration of digital technology into your areas of business, rather it’s a cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo, experiment, generate unprecedented insight and get comfortable with failure.

Contemplating the concept of digital transformation has become confusing at best and meaningless at worst with a clutter of buzz words including Agile Transformation and Devops.

What is this happening? This session focuses on what’s hindering an organisation Digital Transformation and what should be focus areas.

Ajay Nair, Principal Director - Intelligent Software Engineering Services, Accenture

Topic Abstract

My talk will be based on learnings from my experience in helping organisations adopt DevOps principles and practices. I will focus on some of the avoidable pitfalls that I see across most DevOps transformations in several industries, provide some tips on how to avoid them and make progress on your Devops journey.

Tom Crampton, CEO, Trusted Impact Pty. Ltd

Topic Abstract

1) Security (the threat) is real, here, and can’t be ignored

  • Set the scene for ‘digital’: the fundamental role of ‘digital’ in our daily lives and businesses
  • How did we get here? Cybersecurity reflects the confluence of 3 colliding trends (Hyper-connectivity, Everything Digital, Montizable Data)
  • Cybersecurity – by the numbers (large and growing fast) – statistics about % of incidents caused by old, known programming faults for over a decade
  • 2) Cyber is now a competitive differentiator – required by most organisations – prove you’re doing it, or be left in the dust

  • Trends in 3rd party outsourced relationships – (Performance and Cost (SLA) driven, Contractual modifications to audit, Length questionnaires, Artefact driven, Legal liability)
  • The business value of cybersecurity
  • The role of DevOps in the ability to win
  • 3) “Shifting left” means continuous evaluation / validation and testing. Apply tools and techniques throughout the entire agile/DevOps process

  • Touchpoints of security in Dev/Ops and Security Software Development Lifecycle
  • onfiguration as important as Coding (S3 bucket breaches)
  • 4) It’s a way of thinking and about culture – not a role, individual or separate team

  • Culture change journey - Unconsciously Unaware / Consciously Unaware / Consciously Aware / Unconsciously Aware
  • Skills Development – OWASP 10 / SecureCodeWarrior
  • The power of review and/or Independent validation
  • Sougata Das, NFT Delivery Consultant, NAB

    Topic Abstract

    In the ever evolving technology space, business needs quick turnaround to a new and evolving story. Continuous delivery (Explore, Integrate and Deploy on short/fixed cadence) in DevOps is key in reduced time to market.

    Agile methodology enables continuous value delivery in sprints with prioritized business needs every cadence. Quality is the very need for any story; the question is how can it be delivered faster and still maintain the same quality.

    The major changes to the enable the approach are Mindset, Automation and enabling practice. The automation approach to a standard tester may be a huge mountain to climb. Bio: Certified AgilePM

    Performance Engineering Expert, Quality Analyst, and Project Manager in a wide variety of business applications. Particularly interested in Telecom, Banking, Finance Applications.

    Iranga Muthuthanthri, Automation Test Analyst, Nintex

    Topic Abstract

    Recent studies have shown Testing being the key to the successful Dev Op implementation. Traditional testing approaches are not sufficient for Continuous Delivery This talk will discuss in understanding the what and how to integrate Continuous Testing to your Continuous Delivery Pipeline.


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