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The term "DevOps" typically refers to the emerging professional movement that advocates a collaborative working relationship between Development and IT Operations, resulting in the fast flow of planned work achieving the value stream that is between the business (where requirements are defined) and the customer (where value is delivered). It is a new way of looking at development altogether.

This conference "DevOps Summit" brings together leading practitioner-organisations who have achieved Continuous Delivery and organisational transformation.

Learn more about DevOps skills, Delivering Processes, Tools for building and deployment, Legacy Challenges, Security Integration, Cross-team engagement and many more.

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Topic Abstract

What is DevOps essentially? The answer lies far beyond a set of tools and automation applied to orchestrate a single idea through production. DevOps is largely a Mindset and the main idea of this talk is to bring about the crucial aspects of a DevOps Transformation highlighting the role of Mindset in different facets of the transformation canvas. How do you transform a monolithic enterprise? Where do you start from? What are the skills you need? How do you ensure you are not compromising on security? How do you help acheive the business goals of changing while running the daily operations? How do you make sure you are on the right path? All this and much more...

Speaker Profile

Author of “Essentials of Agile Transformation” and an active thought leader, Urmila brings 18+ years of industry experience spanning ITSM, Enterprise Agile and DevOps Coaching and Transformation. Her goal is to help people discover and develop their agile instincts and embrace the Agile mindset. She enjoys mentoring practitioners and teams towards delivering amazing results and fostering learning communities that provide sustainability for agile transformations. A recipient of multiple awards at the national level in literary arena, she is also a recipient of the Ms. Super Brain Super Personality Gold Award, Ms. Intellectual Trophy and Best Young Manager Award at pan India level across MNCs. She is also a recipient of Innovation Awards and other professional recognitions for her workspace contributions till date. An avid learner she firmly believes that if you chase perfection, you attain excellence.


Topic Abstract

Digital transformation guarantees 2 things : more change and scale. To move fast enterprise needs to break things into smaller chunks – Agile and DevOps enables this. It is said by 2030 Agile and DevOps would have become standard delivery method adopted by organizations across the globe to keep pace with this rate of change. Does this apply only to new projects ?

Can we transform our current in-flight projects to embrace agile and DevOps ?

In this session I will narrate a real story of a transformation journey of 30 projects from Agile to DevOps. I will discuss how we

Assessed and analyzed the projects ( #30) and categorized them as per maturity levels ( Agile Compatibility Score and DevOps maturity score) Coached and mentored the project team members on Agile and DevOps practices Monitor the transformations up the maturity level Challenges faced in the transformation journey Agile-DevOps

A Project managers role in this entire transformation journey Business Value achieved : Improved collaboration within the team and across the teams. Learning and growth for me as a project manager and for our team in terms of Agile, DevOps practices Improved margins on our projects, we could achieve more with less Revenue generation opportunities

Speaker Profile


Topic Abstract

Large Enterprises have been implementing DevOps practices for long and are attempting now to create a shared service to optimize the practice further. This optimization exercise is resulting into roles such as DevOps Service Manager, that requires a combination of traditional Service Management and DevOps skills. This talk will explore the demands and challenges of the role.

Speaker Profile

Gaston Fourcade is Global leader for CloudOps studio in Globant. He is a Digital Transformation enabler from inside out and looking to leave an imprint while supporting adoption of new technologies and transformation of existing business models, to solve the most complex challenges that Enterprise and Governments are facing.


Topic Abstract

The situation becomes more complicated when your application is having several independent Microservices and each Microservice has its own deploy and runtime configuration per environment. The challenges occurs when one Microservice is having runtime dependency on another Microservice for service to service communication.

How do we manage the CI/CD for Microservices with resilience?

  • Devops for Containerized Microservices with resilience
  • Benefits of Microservices
  • Devops overview about Monoliths Vs Microservices
  • The complexity of Devops for Microservices
  • Why Microservices Require a DevOps Approach
  • CI/CD for MIcroservices
  • API Gateway containerization
  • Microservices and Devops for resilience
  • Describe what you expect the audience to gain from your presentation.

    This presentation will help the audience to understand how DevOps helps you harness the main benefit of Microservices for Speedy delivery and Automate the process that Underlies Your Microservices

    Speaker Profile

    Ashish Jadhav is a Vice President of Integrated Systems Organization with Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, Which is largest 4G network in India and World's Largest Data Network which offers high speed mobile internet connection & an engaging digital ecosystem for a seamless digital experience.

    Ashish is having 20+ years of Industry Experience. He is currently leading Enterprise Development at Reliance Jio with main focus on Open Source technologies to design, architect and deliver APIs that fuel microservices, web, enterprise and mobile applications. He also facilitates the technical community within Reliance.

    Ashish is a recognized Open Source Technology Leader with expertise into Microservices, Devops and Blockchain. His recent role was a Chief Architecture on JioGST Platform (Goods and Service Tax). His Parent Company was appointed as one of the GST Providers by Govt. of India. The JioGST system is built on with capability of large-scale Microservices, AI, and Blockchain. The system is having more than 1 million Taxpayers already registered.


    Topic Abstract

    One of the biggest miss we as Change agents and leaders do is to focus only on 2 Quotients of Intelligence (Intelligent and Emotional). However for a complete transformation of our self, teams and enterprise we work with is to focus on the third and the most crucial & overlooked dimension i.e. Spiritual Intelligence/Quotient (SQ).

    This proposed talk attempts to demystify What Spiritual Intelligence is, Why is it Important and How it is one of the most critical components to enable enterprise wide culture and workplace transformation.

    This session is based on the work done by industry stalwarts Danah Zohar and Cindy Wigglesworth. However I will be sharing my own experiences gained during my wide range of coaching engagements and how I learnt Spiritual Intelligence the hard way as a change agent & coach.

    Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences What is Spiritual Intelligence? Deep Intelligence / Access complete intelligence of self Three Q’s of Intelligence
    Intelligent (IQ)
    Emotional (EQ)
    Spiritual (SQ)

    Paradigms wired in our brains - Pros & Cons

    Quantum Thinking vs Newtonian Thinking

    Stephen Covey 90/10 Principle Measuring Spiritual Intelligence SQ-21 Tool Interpretation of results

    Speaker Profile

    AGILE CONSULTING  AGILE COACHING  SCALED AGILE  AGILE TESTING Senior Industry Professional having 20 years of experience in the field of Enterprise wide Agile Transformation, Scaled Agile, Agile & Scrum implementation, Agile Coaching, Agile Test Strategy Software Project Management, Consulting, Test Process Consulting, IS Audit, IT Governance, PMO, Center of Excellence (CoE), Software Quality Assurance & Control, Coaching and Mentoring. Currently working as an Enterprise Agile Coach for a Product organization, where my role includes spearheading Scaled Agile Framework implementation, coaching team in SCRUM, Agile Transformation, Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting. Key Roles & Responsibilities • Providing consultancy services to project delivery teams in the area of agile project management, scrum methodologies, agile/scrum implementation, Test Driven Development (TDD), Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD), PMO setup, establish Lean practices, Test process improvement, software estimation, IT Governance and control • Implementing, coaching & Transforming teams into Scaled Agile Adoption activities by closely working with teams at ground level and functioning as an Agile Subject matter expert • Key Participant in the Release Train Planning where my role involves facilitating a Release train by closely working with Feature teams, Epic & Story Authors, Business Analysts and Solution Architects • Establishing Value Added processes across program teams by keeping focus on business value generation and aligning the teams on meeting this objective • Collaborating closely with teams on agile practices like Backlog grooming, Release Planning Meeting, Daily Scrum, Test Driven Development (TDD), Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD), PMO setup, establish Lean practices, Test process improvement, and estimation • Conducting & Facilitating various Agile ceremonies like - Scrum of Scrums (SoS), Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Demo & Retrospective • Designing Metrics from the perspective of an Agile project • Collecting key data points, analyzing and generating AGILE metrics at the project, Program and Portfolio level • Key Speaker for Organization Wide Webinars, Seminars and also involved with Internal Academy for Competency design, Training course design and delivering training programs in project management and agile related topics. • Trained more than 1500+ professionals in Agile, Scrum, Project Management and Software Testing till date • Ability to manage and provide solution to conflicting priorities and expectations of different project and business stakeholders • Expertise in using tools like Rally, JIRA, VersionOne, VISIO, Quality Center, MS Project, Office & other productivity improvement tools and rollout of these tools to projects • Establishing and managing relationship with key project stakeholders and senior project delivery


    Topic Abstract

    DevOps (development and Operations) is an enterprise software development phrase which brought a new agile relationship between development and Operations. Though people feel the buzz word has more of its importance in the cloud computing world but it’s a much needed approach even with enterprise.

    DevOps is a term for a group of concepts that, while not all know, have catalyzed into a movement and are rapidly spreading throughout the technical community. Like any new and popular term, people have somewhat confused and sometimes contradictory impressions of what exactly it is. The Goal of DevOps has often been described in terms of CAMS: Culture, Automation, Measuring and Sharing. While we’ve seen a lot of focus on the “A” and even on the “M”, there are very few examples of why the “C" is equally important in the DevOps equation. "It worked fine in testing!" says the Development Team. "We had no visibility to production infrastructure needs until a week ago!" says the Operations Team. Does any of this sound familiar? If yes, please join me in sharing my thoughts towards this new shift of cultural change, which can help all of us to align in competitive time to market advantage; being at risk where the business is at an inflection point.

    Speaker Profile

    Anuj Sharma is responsible for program management and evangelism of agile & application services available across Saba product suite. Currently focusing on cloud computing, infrastructure, devOps & application development process improvements. He has extensive development and management experience with a technical expertise in medical electronics, Image processing & application development. A self-motivated and organized professional with over 11 years' experience in Healthcare, Finance and Talent management. He has been instrumental in providing thorough and skillful support to department managers. Poses an excellent communication skills and the ability to find innovative solutions.

    Currently working as a Senior Program Manager at Saba - is working towards a transformational change, bringing the best practices of industry for a reliable and faster deliveries. He holds a management degree from Shailesh J Mehta School of Management IIT Bombay and specializes in Operations management from SCMHRD Pune.


    Topic Abstract

    Fundamentally, Site Reliability Engineering(SRE) is what happens when you ask a Software Engineer to design an operation function. It seeks to balance the risk of unavailability of the services with the goals of rapid innovation and efficient service operations, so that users’ overall happiness—with features, service, and performance—is optimized. Site Reliability Engineers(SREs) are specialists in making changes safely even in complex environments. SREs always focus on constantly improving the availability, performance, and capacity of the systems, to make them more reliable. In this presentation, I would like to cover What is SRE, What is the role of SREs, What are the building blocks of SRE, What is the relationship between DevOps & SRE and how SRE implements DevOps principles to make the systems & services more reliable.

    Speaker Profile of Mallikarjuna Manoj Kandala

    Mallikarjuna Manoj Kandala is the Team Leader, who has overall experience of 11 years in IT and associated with IBM since 8+ years. He has experience in Software Configuration Management(SCM) tools such as Rational ClearCase, Rational Team Concert and started learning the Open Source SCM tool GitHub Enterprise. He also worked on Product & Portfolio Management tool : Rational Focal Point and leads the Rational CLM deployments. He provides technical support for the other Open Source DevOps tools such as : Jenkins & Artifactory. He has taken the ownership of Continuous Deployment tool IBM UrbanCode Deploy, starting this year.


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