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The India Digital Conclave is driven by the idea of providing a unique learning experience on the exchange of insights and practical knowledge around the establishment of new ways of working and collaboration as well as the transformation of business models for the digital age.

The new reality, Digital Business, is creating opportunities for innovation, growth and competitive advantage. Digital Enterprise architects will lead the change, leveraging emerging technologies to create new business models.

The India Digital Conclave will be a unique event in Bangalore, where the best minds in the digital world, leaders in the Enterprise Architecture. strategists and IT Innovation teams will meet face-to -face to join their efforts to co-operate in addressing the most topical issues of the Digital space.

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X Topic Abstract

A digital leader in today’s enterprise is a power position. The power to grow business lines, incept new workstreams, accelerate the implementation of future.

This power comes with a responsibility of ensuring success. So how will a digital leader ensure a solid foundation for success?

While it is good to have an instinct for success, Ankit is a product owner who believes all growth recommendations should be driven by data. Having worked with and consulted clients in building 40+ digital product, he is researching on the drivers of digital success.

This presentation will help leaders identify the data points that all digital development teams should record, in order to maximize digital gains (and cut out all irrelevant reporting)

Speaker Profile


Ankit is a Product Owner based out of McKinsey Digital Labs, Bangalore, India since April 2015. He specializes in Digital Product Management, Business Analysis and Agile Delivery. In his tenure of 9+ yrs, he has delivered multiple complex digital studies, which turned into revenue generating client offerings.

Having a degree in Electronics and Communication engineering, along with a MBA in Marketing and Systems, he has been closely associated with IoT since student days. With the latest emerging capability of IoT CoE within MDL, he is a core team member and is actively involved in building it into a high impact delivering team.

Engagement Experience (To enlist a few recent ones)

Led a squad, to conceptualize, build and launch a digital platform for an Insurance sector client in Tokyo, Japan. The platform enables insurance agents to increase efficiency and focus on driving customer value. Release 1 is ready for launch in Jan'18.

Led a squad, to develop from scratch a SaaS based solution, in the domain of Marketing Strategy and Brand Analytics. It helps clients understand and address fundamental shifts in consumer behavior. This product is serving multiple global clients within McKinsey and is evolving with new requirement. Duration 9 Months, Oct’16 – Jun'17.

Led product development for a banking client based out of Qatar, conceptualized as a Risk Reporting Management platform. This is a one-of-a-kind offering leading to high impact in the Risk Management Space by assessing all the risks that a Bank is exposed to Ankit has worked on multiple IoT pilot concepts, in the field of wearables, connected cars and is currently involved in contributing to the IoT vertical

Education / Prior work experience

Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) by Scrum Alliance – 2017
Certified Scrum Master (CSM) by Scrum Alliance - 2017
MBA (Marketing and Systems) and Bachelor of Technology (Electronics and Communication)
Prior to joining McKinsey, Ankit has worked with Infosys, Capgemini in multiple roles, having a total experience of 9 Years and counting

X Topic Abstract

1. Evolution IoT

2. Challenges in Current Ecosystems

3. Opportunities in IoT & App development

4. IoT Architecture & Components

5. Key highlights of IoT & Ecosystems

6. Application Demo –( Optional)

Speaker Profile

Ganesh Mahadevan V Head of Competency and, Senior Technology Architect : S/4 HANA, IoT, Leonardo, BIG Data Analytics at Atos

An adept professional, in Information Technology and Services with ~ 13 years of extensive experience in Software Development, Delivery, Innovation, Solution architecting & Presales Consulting and Business Development arena in Digital ERP – S/4 HANA, Big Data, DWH, BI, and Analytics

Strong expertise in Digital Transformation, Data, Big Data & Analytics, Advanced Analytics, Internet of Things and Process Automation.

Head Competency and Senior Solution & Technology Architect

S/4 HANA, SAP HANA, SAP BIG DATA, SAP Business Intelligence & analytics, SAP Cloud Platform, Mobility, New Dimension, SAP Leonardo & Innovation platforms

Technologies & Areas: S/4 HANA, SAP Business Objects, SAP HANA, SAP Predictive Analytics, Expert Analytics, and in new BIG DATA space: Hadoop, Storm, Spark, HIVE HANA VORA and other Technologies – Oracle Exadata, Exalytics, OBIEE, Tableau, MEAN Stack, Django, R and ecosystems

Articulate the roadmap of the business and product vision

Competency development and creating value differentiators, offerings, USP and skills development across organizations for new and emerging technologies around S/4 HANA ,Native HANA and Digital ecosystems

Ideate and conceptualize art of possibilities and building Rapid prototype with Design thinking to bring WOW factor towards customers.

X Topic Abstract

The talk will focus on the basics of user experience and customer experience similarities and goals, from an on-ground perspective. Currently, there is a massive change in channel mix for business e.g. mobile desktop, call center, ATM, Brach, social media etc., with customers shifting to newer channels rapidly, e.g. more & more people are using mobile banking apps than visiting a bank branch.

The challenge for every business is ensuring a smooth journey across all available channels for the customer. Single-channel to multi-channel to cross-channel and omni-channel, so that the customer experiences a holistic brand experience.

Speaker Profile

With over 17 years of diverse experience, Vikram has executed large transformation programs spanning product development and infrastructure for banking and pharma industries. Vikram has played key roles in rolling out key digital banking and payments system programs, and has rich experience in Agile delivery, business analysis, acquisitions, lead generations, real-time offer management, dynamic product offerings, analytics, web security, and accessibility

X Topic Abstract

Business growth is more than just digitization: it’s about continuously creating new value. Too much time is spent on fixing an existing business, but more should be allocated to exploring new growth opportunities.

To unlock these opportunities, business must reconsider their direction, connectivity, business models and use of emerging tech.

Business are maturing in their digital strategies, appointing leaders to shape holistic business-wide strategies.

The Chief Digital Officer will prove to be the most exciting strategic role in the decade ahead

The Chief Digital Officer plays in the place where the enterprise meets the customer, where the revenue is generated and the mission accomplished. They’re in charge of the digital business strategy.

That’s a long way from running back office IT, and it’s full of opportunity The role of chief digital officer across the world is on the rise and lets discuss the now & future of global C-suite landscape

Speaker Profile

With over 25 years of global experience, Nandy has led major strategic programs that deliver technology enabled business transformation focusing on responding to market change, improving performance and supporting growth.

Nandy is recognised as a specialist in helping clients make sense of the disruptors of change on business and developing a strategy and vision that allows them to respond to that change.
He has delivered a number of digital change programs both in the USA and India that have focused on transforming the way in which the business responds to the market and engages the customer while leveraging emerging technology to support that change. This includes the development of digital strategy, new business operating models, productivity improvement and mobile and technology enablement.
Nandy is also recognised as a technology specialist with a deep understanding of the global industry and the issues facing in respective industries

X Topic Abstract

Speaker Profile

Dr. Shankar Ramamoorthy is currently working as Chief Customer Success Officer at Harman Connected Services , helping the Software Enabled Business of Harman. He was earlier Quality Business Partner –at Amdocs. - where he evangelized and implemented 40 patented Test Management Framework machine using BI/Analytics.

Dr Shankar is a TQM ( Total Quality Management) professional, who has spent much of his 26-years career managing change and improving software Quality Engineering efficiency through Data and Metrics driven Quality Management Systems.

He believes in evangelizing , coaching and mentoring test teams through inspirational leadership.

Shankar has a vast experience in setting up Test COE( Centre of Excellence),and has successfully carried out 6 rollouts on TPI/TMMI/Test Maturity frameworks for several companies.

He has handled the entire gamut of testing landscape right from Pre- Sales, Sales, Delivery and instituted a process temper in his earlier assignments.

He was Vice President of QA for Golden Source Corporation managing the Product Assurance Practice . His earlier assignments were as Director of UST Global running QA Labs at UST Global in India. Prior to this he served as Vice President –Testing/Release Services at Rave Technologies-a Northgate Subsidiary (UK) and before that, he was serving in Bharti Telesoft( Airtel) as Vice President for Customer Advocacy group and ensuring customer experience using Outcome driven Models.

He was a Director of TQM for Genband Technologies , where he implemented the Outcome Driven Business Model for operational efficiency using the New Normal –Quality Engineering Techniques.

He has pioneered the Objective Question Metrics (OQM) Model which was his thesis topic at IIT-Delhi. This model provides guidance to Software Companies to install Objective driven Metricized Systems to improve Critical Success Factors for Organizations in general and Test Organizations in particular. This model has been implemented by him in some of his earlier assignments. He is a frequent Guest speaker at Engineering Colleges/Management institutes and speaks at seminars and workshops on various topics pertaining to Business Excellence, QA, QC and Test Management Frameworks. He is on the advisory panel of Agile Test Alliances, Devops ++ Alliance and TMMI member, and Jury , panel member , screening committee member for various IT conferences in the country.

Dr. Shankar is a computer science engineer from NIT Tiruchirapalli and is armed with a PhD in Software Quality Engineering from IIT Delhi, M. Tech from IIT-Delhi in Technology Management Systems, and an PGDM from AIMA( All India Management Association) -Delhi Dr Shankar also has a P.G.Diploma in Business Management and Industrial Administration, Personnel Management and Industrial Relations and in Marketing Management .

He is a lead auditor of ISO 9001, CMMI Assessor, Lead Auditor of ISO 27001, TMMI trainer and certified TMMI professional from ISQI Germany. He has 25 papers and 4 publications to his credit and frequent Keynote speaker at all Testing /IT Conferences.

X Topic Abstract

Manufacturing is arguably the greatest industry in the world: for every $ 1 spent in manufacturing, another $1.4 gets added to the economy. In India, this sector has witnessed steady growth, primarily driven by improving the economy, government initiatives like Make in India and increasing domestic consumption. The sector contributes 17 % of GDP and is poised to grow to 25 % by 2022. The current wave of technology transformation is changing the horizon for most of the sectors. Surprisingly though, the manufacturing sector has not been on the forefront on the digital transformation journey.

Manufacturing lines across the world have relied on feedback system to operate and monitor their production processes continuously. Over the years the feedback system has evolved from visual judgment to monitoring of signals like current or voltage to oversee the process, followed by direct measurement of process data using electronics and signal processing. But humans have always remained at the centre of this evolution. Even today, an operator deciphers the feedback information to recognize deviations and reactively take actions. This requires operators to undergo a lot of training, have a good experience and fundamental understanding of the underlying physical laws which govern the processes. This results in a lot of process variations due to varying skill of individuals which creates inefficiency in the system. Secondly, a tremendous amount of business data and processes remains tied up in legacy systems, ranging from servers to customer applications, lacking accessible interfaces. Further, there is no visibility of plant information across functions which hamper manufacturing intelligence. Challenges like growing complexity of operations, greater mandates for the accurate fulfillment of customer needs and rising cost of manufacturing are posing newer challenges to operation managers.

With the advent of IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud and AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities, these realities are all set to change. The revolution has already begun, and smart manufacturing is the new norm. These technologies allow us to improve our action-ability, efficiencies and follow a more predictable manufacturing without disruptions. Let us understand how the trio of IoT, Cloud, and AI will change the entire paradigm of operation management. Smart sensors based IoT networks connect disparate devices and systems and enable different machines to talk to one another. Manufacturers can now monitor equipment & systems in every plant, aggregate the data they gather, benchmark, compare and analyse the data sets. This brings us to the next enabler which is "cloud". The massive volume of data generated by smart sensors needs to be stored and computed in real time to generate insights. Cloud enables this data storage with an on-demand computational power to solve dynamic business problems in changing process scenarios. IoT based smart sensor data over cloud-based computing integrated with AI can open doors to immense possibilities.

Imagine a smart plant in which real-time information is captured to monitor the products across the supply chain, which is analysed over the cloud to generate specific insights. These insights can power an AI-based digital assistant with deep customer knowledge, who can provide "Specific leads" to quality, planning or sales team to take the right decisions and respond to specific concerns. The impact of this digital transformation on manufacturing is two-fold. On the back end, machine learning used and applied to data coming in from the manufacturing process, help enhance the efficiency of a manufacturing line, reducing downtime and improving performance. On the front end, it can be used during the manufacturing process to detect defects, ensure compliance with evolving customer needs and maintain consistency in manufacturing. It will enable businesses to evolve into the next-gen Smart Manufacturing.

While "Smartness" is often associated with machines and sensors, I firmly believe, it is the human beings who will become smarter by exploring the new frontiers of technology. To conclude, smart sensors, cloud, and AI will enable manufacturing companies to keep producing in a way that is more transparent, more efficient, of higher quality, more compliant and more profitable. The savings are real, and benefits are many. Tata Steel has already embarked the journey of Digital Transformation. Process data digitization, roll out of online services, and launch of several collaboration platforms have been the highlights in the current fiscal. While these might be just initial steps in a long journey of transformation but it undoubtedly reflects the strong commitment to building a sustainable future. With proof in the pudding, manufacturers across the world are getting ready to enjoy the sweet treat.

Speaker Profile

I am electrical engineer from BIT Mesra and working in Tata Steel for last 10 years. I joined the company as a Graduate Engineer in 2008 and rose several ranks to currently head the Partnership and Supply chain function for its recycling business vertical. I started my career in project management and execution which included setting up of a Joint venture with Nippon Steel, Japan to produce high end automotive steel in India. Subsequently, till 2012 I led the operation and business development of flat products in India and South east Asia markets. Following 5 years I worked in manufacturing and operation management at our cold rolling mill complex. In this tenure, I led several performance improvement initiatives and throughput maximisation in various manufacturing processes using digital led solutions. In August 2017, I was appointed as head of the business function, the position I hold today. I am also a member of Tata Steel's coveted Digital Enthusiast forum which explores deployment of emerging technologies to solve various business problems and guide top management on how to leverage digital in various domains of operation. On a lighter note, I am also an auto enthusiast, a technology and political commentator and love to share my views and experiences via blogs and articles.

X Topic Abstract

India’s big data generation is increasing exponentially, driven by continued growth of internet usage, social networks, proliferation of smart phones, as well as the digital initiatives and structural reforms undertaken by the government. At the same time, incidents of data crimes such as data hacks, data leaks, data tampering, identity thefts are on the rise, which are costing Indian organizations and consumers more than $30 billion annually. What can Individuals, Enterprises, and Governments do about it?

Speaker Profile

Babu Munagala completed his B.Tech at IIT Madras in 1993. Most of his 20+ years experience has been in San Fransisco Bay Area. He had started Zebi (from zebibyte=1024^7) in mid 2015 to create a Blockchain driven, first of a kind and holistic security solution to transform broad business use cases covering credit scoring, personalized product creation, fraud detection and verification of land ownership, employment, education etc.


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Event Speakers

Rahul Tripuraneni

AVP - Digital Data & Analytics


Ganesh Mahadevan V

Practice Head - Innovation, Analytics, and IoT, SAP EPS

Ankit Madan

Product Owner

McKinsey Digital Labs


Founder & CEO


Yash Kadakia

Founder & CTO

Security Brigade InfoSec Private Limited

Babu Munagala

Founder & CEO

Zebi Data

Amrendra Kumar

Head - Partners and Supply Chain

Tata Steel

Vikram Arekere Bhagavan

Associate Vice President, Business Operations

Maveric Systems

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