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Ashwin Gupta

Ashwin Gupta

Associate Technical Director, Fidelity International Limited


Ashwin Gupta is working as an Associate Technical Director for Cloud Engineering and Operations for AWS at Fidelity International Limited. He has a total IT industry experience of close to 19 years. At a day to day job, he works as a strategist and an engineer with capability to solve any problem through coding and automation while adhering to 12-factors principle and following extreme programming practices such as TDD, clean code and pair programming. Through his tenure in the industry, he has acquired experiences spreading to application integration technologies, testing, distributed data grids, application servers, cloud native app development, automation, continuous integration and deployments, AWS based cloud architecture, Infrastructure as Code etc. He is a family man with 2 young boys and wonderful homemaker spouse. His hobbies are, blogging, driving long distances for unseen places, and reading historical fiction books. The latest book he has read is ‘The Krishna Key’ and you can find his blogs at

Delivering an enterprise level AWS platform at speed
In the world of agile deliveries the most complex part is to keep the deliveries of an enterprise level cloud platform agile and quick.

At Fidelity International, we have maintained the vision of continuous delivery of our platform through fully automation and highly engineered pipelines. Please join us for this session on phenomenal journey of our team, where we have shortened our delivery, of an AWS account for our Workload teams, from 16 days to 5 hours, and we have not settled yet!

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