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Dr Renu Rajani

Dr Renu Rajani

Sr IT industry Leader, Testing Books Author


Dr Renu Rajani is one of the early entrant in Software Testing industry and has led large testing practice at IBM and Capgemini. She is author of 2 book on software testing published with Mcgrawhill and Packt publishers. Her book with Mcgrawhill in 2004 was the first book authored in India on Software Testing; and she was conferred Testing Thought leader award in 2008 for the same. While at Capgemini, Renu has been global influencer/thought leader on social media on the topics of Managed Services and Digital Transformation.

In her career spanning three decades, she has served in leadership roles with P&L responsibilities at IBM, Capgemini, Infosys and has held portfolios in ADM, QA, Core Technology Infrastructure, Technology & Operations, and Delivery as well as Sales/Solutions.

Dr Renu holds PhD in Management and MS from Purdue University USA. In addition to her roles, she is passionate about women leadership, Diversity and ESG and Climate Risk. She has been instrumental in setting up and leading Women Who Code Network in Hyderabad.

Trends and Future Directions for Software Testing & Quality Assurance
Software Testing marketplace has evolved from with growth of IT industry. V-Model and ensuring adequate testing has helped deliver quality products and applications and has also helped industry ride on the wave to deliver as well as grow multi-fold capability.

The evolution has seen centralized/shared testing capability, test automation, focused testers. The industry has also survived with the confusion of Agile/DevOps and testing as part of it. Many proponents of Agile/DevOps shunned independent testing and many companies disbanded centralized test COEs to create decentralized/distributed capability. This further gave birth to Hybrid model. Test practitioner moved on from manual/process/domain skills to Automation and Agile process skills.

Test Automation matured from record and play to scripts to scriptless lowcode nocode. Devops has required Continuous Integration/Continuous Testing (CI/CD).

This talk is about what has worked well and what has not and what is in store for future.