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Kapil Saini

Kapil Saini

Programmer, Fidelity International Limited


Kapil Saini is a young programmer at Cloud Engineering and Operations Team for AWS at Fidelity International Limited. He is an AWS certified professional with expertise spreading in Cloud Computing Networking and Security. He loves to embrace modern practices like DevOps, IaC, TDD and Pair Programming at work. Outside of work, he enjoys the hobby of Numismatics.

Delivering an enterprise level AWS platform at speed
In the world of agile deliveries the most complex part is to keep the deliveries of an enterprise level cloud platform agile and quick.

At Fidelity International, we have maintained the vision of continuous delivery of our platform through fully automation and highly engineered pipelines. Please join us for this session on phenomenal journey of our team, where we have shortened our delivery, of an AWS account for our Workload teams, from 16 days to 5 hours, and we have not settled yet!