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Prasanjit Singh

Prasanjit Singh

Infrastructure Modernisation Architect, Google


Prasanjit Singh works at Google, where he plays a crucial role in Infrastructure and Application Modernization. With 17+ years of industry experience, Prasanjit specialises in architecting cloud solutions, advocates DevOps & AI practices, and provides Platform Engineering expertise. Beyond his professional contributions, Prasanjit loves teaching and has delivered cloud computing courses on edtech platforms like Coursera to over 30K students worldwide. You can connect with Prasanjit at

AI Infused Platform Engineering – Building developer-centric, efficient and agile environments
AI is rapidly transforming DevOps practices as we know them. This change is enabling us to build developer-centric, efficient, and agile environments. This talk will explore how AI can be used to elevate developer experience, automate infrastructure provisioning, optimize resource allocation, and personalize developer workflows. We’ll dive into practical examples and discuss the impact of AI on platform stability, scalability, and developer productivity. Get ready to unlock the power of AI for building next-generation platforms that empower developers and accelerate innovation.

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