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Shyam Sundar

Shyam Sundar

Senior Staff Cyber Security Architect, GE HEALTH CARE


In a world where digital threats lurk around every corner, one man along with many cyber warriors stands as the guardian of cyberspace. Meet Shyam Sundar Ramaswami, a cybersecurity virtuoso with 16 years of battle-hardened experience. As the Senior Staff Cybersecurity Architect of GE Cyber Labs, he’s the frontline defender against the darkest forces of the digital underworld.

Shyam’s expertise spans both offense and defense, navigating the treacherous terrain of cyber warfare.

With two TEDx talks under his belt, Shyam captivates audiences with his insights into the ever-evolving cyber landscape. His book, “It’s Your Digital Life,” is a manifesto for the modern age, empowering individuals to take control of their online presence. But Shyam’s mission doesn’t end there – as a dedicated educator, he imparts his wisdom as a cybersecurity teacher, shaping the defenders of tomorrow.

Armed with a master’s degree in digital forensics,fighting to secure our digital future, one line of code at a time.

Cyber Sentinel : Defending Digital Frontier and Humans
1. Why Cybersecurity is critical for organizations to protect sensitive data, prevent financial losses, and maintain operational continuity amidst evolving cyber threats.
2. Need for robust cybersecurity measures bolster trust among stakeholders, safeguarding reputation and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
3. Incorporating Ongoing research with lean models is essential to anticipate emerging threats, develop advanced defense mechanisms, and mitigate vulnerabilities, thereby enhancing overall resilience in the digital landscape.
4. How do we do all of this ?