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Swapnil Wani

Swapnil Wani

Managing Director, Lead Technology UK, Ireland & Africa, Accenture


Technology Leader with 24 years of progressive experience, specialized in helping clients reinvent business models with the power of Tech & AI. He has led innovative and large-scale technology programs for clients across the globe. Swapnil is very passionate about working with clients to help them solve business problems. Most of the time this has resulted in a Simplification agenda. He firmly believes in Co-innovation & Collaboration approach across teams including clients. Swapnil holds a Bachelor of Technology from University of Mumbai and has multiple industry certifications to his credit. He is based out of Pune.

Reimagining Tech in Gen AI Era
In the Gen AI era, technology undergoes a revolutionary reimagining, where seamless human-AI collaboration and ethical design principles take center stage. This transformation yields hyper-personalized experiences across all facets of life, democratizing access to innovation and creativity. The fusion of human ingenuity with AI capabilities propels groundbreaking advancements, shaping a future where technology harmoniously serves the diverse needs of humanity. Lets understand this in detail and how Technology is reimagining us and our work in this Gen AI era…