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Bhagyashree Chandak

Bhagyashree Chandak

Enterprise Solutions Architect, AWS India


Qualities such as teamwork and sacrifice have helped me prioritize what matters in life and succeed in cooperative environments through discipline, dedication and perseverance.

I am currently employed at AWS as a Solutions Architect.

In my previous organisation, TCS Digital, I worked as a Data Scientist and a Machine Learning Engineer.

In today’s fast-paced world of digital innovation, businesses often face the challenge of maintaining speed and scalability while ensuring agility in application delivery. Traditional software development methods often require specialized coding skills and lengthy development cycles, limiting organizations’ creative potential for business gains. However, Low Code/No Code Tooling has revolutionized the landscape, empowering developer communities of all types to build complex applications and automate workflows even without extensive coding knowledge. During my presentation, I will provide an overview of the latest industry trends and insights surrounding Low Code/No Code processes and tooling. Additionally, I will highlight key AWS cloud services such as AWS Amplify Studio, Amazon AppFlow, AWS Glue Studio, Amazon CodeWhisperer, etc., that have gained a significant traction among global organizations of all sizes. These services, powered by AI/ML, offer robust platforms and valuable insights to enhance developer productivity and experience while leading to unparalleled customer satisfaction.