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Gaurav Shrimal

Gaurav Shrimal

Associate Director, Deloitte India


Gaurav is an accomplished professional delivering close to 20 years of experience in heading end-to-end operations which includes project & delivery management, policy formulation & implementation, quality engineering & testing, networking to accomplish the organizational objectives.

He has worked with various clients in incorporating industry best practices, techniques, and methodology into existing testing processes for effective Quality Engineering transformation.

His experience in Quality Engineering spans geographies including India, North America, the UK, Asia Pacific (AP), and the Middle East in Test Consulting, Assessments, Test Programme/Project management, and Test competency development.

Quality Engineering in Cloud Centric World:
With the increasing complexity of the cloud journey, there is a growing emphasis on integrating quality engineering practices right from the initial stages. This allows organizations to ensure a smooth and successful transition to the cloud, delivering high-quality, resilient, and secure solutions to their users. This session will explore the essential factors and critical focus areas that need to be adopted in any quality engineering journey aligned with Cloud transformation. By implementing the necessary shifts of Quality engineering within the cloud journey, organizations can deliver a seamless user experience, minimize downtime, and ensure the overall robustness of your system.