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Mohammad Anwer

Mohammad Anwer

IT Engineering Enterprise DevOps Manager, Accenture


Mohammad Anwer has 17 years of experience (4 years in North America, Europe, ASIA-Pacific and 13 years in various IT Cities in India) in diverse domains which helping him to drive, manage, build products, platforms, applications, conceptualizing and delivering various enterprise level software engineering solutions. Versatile technology experience helping him to create organizational capabilities, processes, technologies, accelerate transformations and adoptions Agile, Cloud, DevOps to help organizations accomplish their strategic vision and objectives. Anwer is visionary leader focused on developing high performance teams and fostering culture of excellence.

DevSecOps integrates security into the software development lifecycle, ensuring that security is not an afterthought, but a crucial part of the development process. This leads to reduced risk, improved compliance, and faster time-to-market. In my talk, I’ll cover the benefits of DevSecOps for organizations, including increased collaboration between development, security, and operations teams, better visibility into security vulnerabilities, and more efficient security testing. I’ll also discuss building a business case for DevSecOps adoption, including ROI and success factors to justify the investment in this approach.