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Jaswinder Singh

Jaswinder Singh

Director Engineering at Security Labs, Quick Heal


With his 23 years of experience in Quality and Cyber Security, Jaswinder Singh is a seasoned professional in the industry. Having worked with global & Indian MNCs, including companies like Veritas, Symantec and Quick Heal technologies, Jaswinder is a domain expert in Network management, Revenue optimization, Backup and Restore, Endpoint protection, Cyber security etc. In addition to managing the Engineering teams, Jaswinder currently also runs the Operations and Research teams in Security Labs, Quick Heal.

Jaswinder is a member of Board of Studies of the prestigious Symbiosis Skills & Professional University and satiates his personal aspirations by running a NGO catering to the under-privileged in Pune.

A Wake-Up Call: Protecting Software Supply Chains from Malware Attacks
As the use of DevOps continues to grow, so do the risks associated with malware in the software supply chains. In this talk, we will explore the devastating impact of malware on the software supply chains and the potential risks it poses to your organization’s security. We’ll discuss best practices and strategies for mitigating these risks, as well as the importance of a strong DevOps security culture. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the impact of malware on their software supply chains and learn actionable steps to protect their DevSecOps pipelines and ensure secure software delivery.

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