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Ravi Nalle

Ravi Nalle

Principal Solution Architect – DevOps, Zensar Technologies


Ravi is a DevOps Evangelist with 23 years of experience.
He has defined DevOps strategies around enterprise enablement with sustained benefits over the years.
He brings a variety of DevOps experience from across industries, technologies but more importantly he brings to the table, the kind of DevOps that works!

Journey of a legacy online retailer into Composable Commerce – Developer productivity up by 70%, a million USD in savings
Over the past 2 years, I have been leading a DevOps transformation for a major Retailer where I brought end to end automation and implemented new ways of working resulting in above benefits. This has proven to be a stepping stone in the journey to Composable Commerce.

At the end of the session, you will learn the practical tips on how to do DevOps transformation the “right way”; what works best and what does not work.

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