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Sudin Baraokar

Sudin Baraokar

Global IT & Innovation Advisor, ex SBI Barclays IBM GE


Sudin Baraokar has a Bachelor of Computer Engineering from the University of Mumbai.Emerging and Deep Tech Innovator having served in SBI, Barclays, IBM and GE as Chief Innovation officer CIO /CTO and IT Advisor Roles. Currently serves as IT Advisor to Global Organisations and Academia. Founder of deep Tech startupWorked on 70+ Technologies and Platforms like AI, Cybersecurity, Quantum Computing, Data Science, IOT, Blockchain, Cloud, Low Code No Code, Go Digital, Enterprise Architecture and has Established Bankchain Alliance of 30+ Banks for Emerging Tech Solutions

Transformed the Core Banking Systems in SBI at 24K TPS, 1.5 Billion Transactions in a day to cover over 500 Million Customers and 700 Million Accounts

Developed SBI YONO Smart Mobile Banking Application to cover over 50 Million Users

Currently engineering and developing AI based Digital Transformation Platforms across SCM, Trade Tech, FinTech, RegTech and RiskTech

Trained over 1M+ Working Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Faculty and Students in Deep Tech and Emerging Tech and has conducted and delivered over 1K Technology and Digital Transformation events. Has mentored over 500+ Startups

Global KeyNote Speaker on Emerging Tech Deep Tech, Innovations, Collaboration Emerging Themes and Models.

Avid Golfer, Singer, Charity Volunteer, Researcher on Future Tech, Economics, Sports, History.

Engineering Low Code No Code in Digital Transformation
LCNC as an emerging tech will completely disrupt the legacy approach of code software development. This session will highlight how to leverage LCNC to build next gen Automated, Autonomic, Audited Platforms