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Established in 1984, UNICOM is an events and training company specialising in the areas of Quantitative Finance and many aspects of IT including development, management, testing and deployment (including Agile, DevOps and Testing). The company's products include conferences, public and in-house training courses (including certified training) and networking events.

UNICOM and OptiRisk operate both from UK and India; they have a long association and have the same founder and shared ownership. In the domain of Quantitative Finance OptiRisk is an acknowledged leader. UNICOM draws upon the specialist knowledge of OptiRisk Systems in Financial Analytics.

Who We Are


What we do

UNICOM serves two groups of customers (1) 'end-user' organisations from the private and public sectors who want to learn about new trends and best practices, gain knowledge, skills, qualifications and new strategies and (2) product vendors and consultants who want to meet prospective customers and achieve visibility in specific areas of business.

The development and commissioning of these events are based on market research, technology analysis from a business perspective and most significantly the requirements and feedback of our customers.

By understanding the clients' needs, keeping them informed and updated, and acting as a convenient "one-stop information shop", UNICOM strives to create quality information products and offer a high standard of service.

Its core areas of specialisation include :


To be a leading provider of knowledge to the business community.


To engage the global business community as a specialised provider of knowledge.


Maintain a culture of co-operation, commitment and trust.


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Contact Us(India)

Alankar Plaza,

Bk circle, Nayak Layout

8th Phase,

JP Nagar

Bengaluru - 560076,

Karnataka, India.

Telephone: +91-9538878795, +91-9538878799, +91-8025257962


Contact Us(UK)

The Atrium

Suites 536 & 537

1 Harefield Road





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