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India DevOps Awards 2023 showcases outstanding achievement from organisations, personalities and solutions operating within the DevOps space.

Many organisations today now see the benefits of implementing a DevOps culture, with faster, more iterative software releases, more innovation, and an overall more nimble business being amongst the desired results. But the road to DevOps can be a rough one, as with any cultural change.

There are many different ways to move towards a DevOps culture, and India DevOps Awards are designed to recognise and celebrate the best of every organisation, team, individual, product and tool. With a range of categories covering every stage of progress across the industry, there is space for everyone to enter and have the opportunity to celebrate their success in DevOps.

The Awards are open to global businesses, companies & organisations, regardless of their size and stature.

WHY ENTER India DevOps Awards 2023?

Entering India DevOps Awards 2023 is an opportunity for the market as a whole to be acknowledged and recognised, as well as bringing high levels of exposure and acclamation for individuals, teams, and organisations. This is a unique platform that provides an opportunity to network, interact and gain knowledge.

A Leadership forum enabling complete reach and engagement to showcase some of the best capabilities from India’s leading software testing fraternity.


Entries for the India DevOps Awards 2023 will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Measurable Impact on Business Objectives – 25 points
  • Methods used – 25 points
  • Innovative tools and techniques – 25 points
  • Customer centricity – 25 points


DevOps Rising Star of the Year 2023 (Winner)

Most Innovative Project (Winner)

DevOps Team of the Year 2023 (Winner)

DevOps Team of the Year 2023 (Runner-Up)

DevOps Tool/Product of the Year 2023 (Winner)

DevOps Tool/Product of the Year 2023 (Runner-Up)

Most Successful Cultural Transformation (Winner)

Jury Members

Marcel Kwakernaak

Senior Consultant, LeasePlan

Manuel Schuller

Advisor to the Chief DevOps Architect, HSBC

Andrew Mulligan

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Head Of Technology, AWS Singapore

Tahir Khan

Head of Engineering, Brit Insurance

23 FEBRUARY, 2023


2 Individual Category

6 Corporate Categories


1. DevOps Leader of the Year
This category recognizes a leader who has the power of innovation to surpass every other competition that comes on his/her way to success

Jury will be looking for:

  • Consistent and outstanding leadership skills
  • Effective utilization of team and choosing right number and skill set of resources.
  • Proactive and lead through example
  • Motivating team and taking informative quick decisions.

2. DevOps Rising Star of the Year
Awarded to the most outstanding DevOps newcomer of the Year in the last 3 years, who has shown outstanding progression and commitment in the field of DevOps.

Jury will be looking for:

  • Proof of outstanding commitment and development in their new DevOps career
  • Evidence of a commitment to the greater DevOps community and dedication to championing DevOps practices
  • Testament of outstanding communication skills, with both internal and external stakeholders
  • Illustrations of procedures put in place to ensure high quality results
  • Examples of technologies put in place to ensure high quality results
  • Evidence of self-improvement and commitment to high standards

Who can apply?
Individuals or corporate team can directly apply for either of the above two categories or both.


1. Most Innovative Project
Awarded to the project displaying the best use of innovation.

Jury will be looking for:

  • Illustrations of a successful DevOps project utilising innovative methods & techniques
  • Validation and metrics of project goals, impact & importance, incremental achievements and successful results
  • Proof of overcoming project challenges and obstacles
  • Detailed discussion around project methodology and justification of resource choices
  • Evidence of working closely with the organization to deliver the project on time and within budget
  • Evidence of commitment to industry best practices and standards, while pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity
  • A successful outcome that meets the aims and targets set

2. DevOps Team of the Year
Awarded to the most outstanding overall DevOps team of the year.

Jury will be looking for:

  • Evidence of a cohesive team identity and unity
  • Outstanding communication demonstrated within the DevOps team and with other stakeholders
  • Evidence of achieving project aims and targets through effective team work
  • Commitment to the DevOps community
  • Evidence of a strong team ethos
  • Proof of continued commitment to improving, up-skilling and self-development

3. DevOps Tool/Product of the Year
Awarded to the most productive tool that enhances the DevOps process.

Jury will be looking for

  • Did the tool / product provide cost saving or revenue generation to the organization?
  • Did it improve productivity of the DevOps teams?
  • Did the product provide any “wow” factor that impacted customer (internal/external) business?
  • How did the product perform in terms of product adoption, ease of use, implementation. Is it referred/used in community and usage at various levels of ecosystem in the industry?

4. Most Successful Cultural Transformation
Awarded to the most successful cultural transformation in a DevOps project.

Jury will be looking for

  • Evidence of cultural transformation throughout a DevOps project
  • Proof of strong communication and collaboration
  • Validation of breaking down barriers and encouraging the sharing of responsibilities
  • Successful integration of teams and processes
  • Evidence of commitment to industry best practices and standards

5. Leading DevOps Vendor
Awarded to the vendor organisation/service provider/consultancy who receives top marks for their product/service and customer service.

Jury will be looking for

  • Evidence of a commitment to high quality and standards to customers
  • Proof of a commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Proof of value for money
  • Demonstration of DevOps thought leadership and contributing to the wider IT community

6. Best DevOps Consulting and Service Firm
Awarded to the best overall DevOps services operation and consultation.

Jury will be looking for

  • Who are you working with, what are you doing for them, and what drives your perfect blend of incisive advice and guidance?
  • Is your guidance facilitating your client’s DevOps transformation in order to increase the speed of delivery, improve release quality, cut costs, and minimize operational failures?
  • Evidence of your services and practices if you are delivering highest quality products and automating workflows through rapid and incremental iterations
  • Illustrations with good customer success stories from strategy to planning, maintenance to implementation whether you have done some or all of these to a high degree.

Who can apply?
Corporates (Brand Owners/Marketing team, CXO desk, HR, Program Managers) can directly apply for any of the above categories.

Important disclaimer

  • This stringent process means that each winner of an award has done so based purely on merit. So, regardless of company size, budget, customer base, market share, influence, vendor, academic, end user, consultant or otherwise; India DevOps Awards truly is an independent awards programme that recognizes and rewards outstanding achievements.


Award submission guidelines:

1. More than one submission per category is allowed.
2. The nominee must be an organization or individual as appropriate for the category
3. All submitted proposals shall be referred to jury members who will be selecting the best 5 proposals in each category.
4.Your project will be evaluated based on the information you provide. We hence request you to spend comprehensive time in filling out the details pertaining to your project.
5. Once the proposal qualifies for the final nominations, the same shall be informed to you.
6. Winner’s name shall be declared on the Awards day.

P.S.– The organising committee and jury may choose not to announce winner for a category if they feel the submissions are not of high-standard.

Submission Deadlines:

Last Date of Submission is 10 February, 2023

For More Information :

Contact Siddhartha by telephone at +91 95388 78799 or by email at

Awards Price List

Application Type Description Standard Price
01 – 04 Applications from the same organisation Each application includes attendance of one individual at the event* INR 14,000 + GST per application
05 – 08 Applications from the same organisation Each application includes attendance of one individual at the event* INR 13,000 + GST per application
09 & Above Applications from the same organisation Each application includes attendance of one individual at the event* INR 12,000 + GST per


Applicants are requested to fill up the details by clicking on the link provided below to receive the application form for submission of your entry.


Become a Judge – India DevOps Awards 2023
Judging for India DevOps Awards will take place in February. You will be asked for approximately 2 hours of remote judging and attendance will be anticipated on the Awards event day (Thursday, 23 February 2023)

If you would like to be considered as a judge, please send an email with your bio and relevant work experience up to 500 words to

Jury Members

Your submission should include:

  • Your experience, skills, and expertise, in the industry
  • Qualification
  • Any additional value you would add to the judging panel
  • A head and shoulder picture of yourself
  • Your full contact details to include company name and your job title

As an added benefit of being on the revered judging panel, you will be able to use the Awards logo and associate yourself to the program.

Past Participating Companies



1) Why should I participate in India DevOps Awards 2023?

  • Entering South East Asian DevOps Awards is an opportunity to be acknowledged and rewarded.
  • With such recognition comes confidence, fame for each individual, team, and organization.
  • Improve your company/individual profile
  • Acknowledgement and fame
  • Impress stakeholders
  • Networking
  • Just being shortlisted can boost your brand awareness and promote your business.

2) How do I participate for India DevOps Awards 2023?

You have to register yourself for the selected category/categories by paying a fee. Once we receive your registration, we will send you the form/forms for the category/categories you have registered and provide you ample time to fill it and send us back.

3) How do I fill the forms? Can I add images within template and/or give a supportive deck for the entry?

The ‘filled-in’ forms can be submitted either in pdf or word format and if you want to insert images within template, please make sure you insert limited in order to keep your entry simple and compact. Your project will be evaluated based on the information you provide. We hence, request you to spend comprehensive time in filling out the details pertaining to your project.

4) Can there be more than one submission for the same category from a company?

Yes, that is possible.


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