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Srikant Suddekunte

Srikant Suddekunte

Business Architect and Product Owner, Nokia


Srikant Suddekunte is a Certified Business Architect (CBA) and Product Owner (PSPO), having over 18 years’ experience in Client and Requirement management in Business Process Management (BPM), workflow and process automation. As a lead Business Architect, Srikant has been a key player in programs across different industry domains like Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, he becomes a strong link between Business and Technology. Srikant has MBA degree with dual specialization in Systems and Finance from Goa Institute of Management (GIM). Along with his employment, he is currently pursuing his Executive PhD from IIM Raipur. Srikant has presented his research work at international conferences like ICDE 2022 and IEEE. In professional space, Srikant is working on low code/no code initiatives for digital process automation and academically he is pursuing research in Data Privacy.

Rise of Low Code/ No Code- threat or opportunity for developers?
Low code/No Code (LCNC) platforms have existed for many years, although not in the advanced and user-friendly form that we see today. Business users and non-technologist like LCNC for obvious reasons but how should the developer or technologist see LCNC? Is it a threat or opportunity for them? How about the IT service industry as a whole how will they be impacted by the growth of LCNC? As a guest speaker I plan to share my experiences, challenges and learning of working with LCNC platforms.