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Sushma Chakkirala

Sushma Chakkirala

Director, JPMorgan Chase & co.


Sushma Chakkirala leads Digital Production Management at JPMorgan Chase. She has 20+ years of experience in Technology having served in leadership roles at IBM, Intuit and Sun Microsystems. Her recent focus has been into transforming the chaos of software delivery and operations with Systemic thinking, Agile culture, Process frameworks such as Flow, Value stream mapping combined with CI/CD, DevSecOps and Site Reliability Engineering. She has been a champion of DEI and Continuous Everything in external communities.

The next phase of DevOps: You build it You Run it
You build it You run it is a modern operating model for modern applications and is considered the next evolution from DevOps. This new model brings with it another wave of massive changes across build, test, run and support product lifecycle impacting how Development and Operations interact and deliver products. Focus of this session is to delve into the why, what and how this new model works, the tradeoffs and prepare participants for the next wave of DevOps.