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Dr Nandakumar Ramakrishnan

Dr Nandakumar Ramakrishnan

Product Owner – DevOps Platform Testing & Chaos Engineering ING Belgium


Dr Nandakumar Ramakrishnan, a doctorate in Information Technology from Prescott University, UK works with ING Belgium NV/SA as a Product Owner -DevOps Platform -Testing & Chaos Engineering and Accessibility Evangelist.

He has over 20+ years of experience in Software Quality Engineering and Information Security working for start-ups as well as technology giants like eBay, PayPal, Yahoo, Expedia(Hong Kong) & Colruyt Group ( Belgium). During his career, he has led pan-global test teams and functioned as individual contributor for various types of testing methodology.


Today, Testing Challenges are increasing rapidly and the Velocity of Agile is extremely fast that we need technology power to solve. One of The best solutions is enabling a Container Journey in Quality Engineering.

Containerization has revolutionized cloud environments by allowing businesses to build, deploy and manage applications faster through continuous delivery and the Same technology can exponentially improve the Testing Ecosystem.

Our session will focus on Testing Solution with Container called Test Container Platform empowers Testing Ecosystem to Cutting Edge Containerised Solution using Cloud-based OpenShift or Google K8s, a docker Container orchestrate with Kubernetes managed system, preparing DevOps Team for Next-Generation Quality Engineering. It enables a secured containerization solution in DevOps Pipeline into Testing Ecology which breaks testing challenges with its power of

  • Consistent Environment
  • Isolation
  • Run Anywhere

Beyond that our Test Container platform enables us to integrate all leading Continuous integration pipelines such as Azure, Jenkin & TFS. The platform is built with end-to-end SSL ensuring all major Security and Compliance factors such as SOX, PCI-DSS and GDPR compliance. Test Container Platform in short we call TCP is easy to use with very minimum or zero knowledge of the container. Our Vision is to make a TCP -One-Stop solution which breaks the testing limits.