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Dr. Srijith Sreenivasan

Dr. Srijith Sreenivasan

Global Director - Continuous Improvement, Schneider Electric


Dr. Srijith Sreenivasan leads the business transformation of Research and Development in the Industrial Automation Unit of Schneider Electric globally. In this role, he enables new product development and governance with new ways of working based on agile, design thinking, innovative people practices and engineering excellence. Prior to joining Schneider Electric, Srijith worked with KPMG for 10 years, leading agile consulting practice in India and delivered transformational client engagements leveraging agile, lean, and analytics to improve business outcomes. Srijith holds an Engineering degree in Electronics & Communication, MBA in Marketing and Information Systems and a PhD in Management Sciences. Srijith has published research papers and points of view articles in premium international journals and also has spoken in several industry conferences in India and abroad.

Redefining Testers’ identity: From Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering in the age of DevOps
As organizations embrace the DevOps revolution, testers are undergoing a profound transformation from being traditional Quality Assurance enforcers to becoming champions of Quality Engineering. DevOps, and more recently DevSecOps is reshaping the testing landscape, ultimately leading to enhanced software quality, faster delivery cycles, and a more integrated approach to product development. The identity of testers is changing in the context of DevOps, exploring the convergence of development, operations, and quality assurance. The paradigm shift is from traditional testing practices to holistic quality engineering, where testers collaborate across teams, proactively engage in continuous feedback loops, actively shape testing strategies and embed quality measures throughout the development lifecycle. Through case studies and practical insights, participants will gain understanding of how testers are embracing this identity shift, contributing to improved software quality, shorter release cycles, and the overall success of DevOps initiatives.

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