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Sreekala Sunderrajan

Sreekala Sunderrajan

Senior Corporate Leader


With close to 2 decades of experience in the Corporate Industry, Sreekala is a High impact Leader who has held various roles across Engineering, Business and People Portfolios. She is the winner of the “Women Influencer Leadership Summit award for 2021”. She is the founder of “Shakti” – A deep learning venture with a vision to empower women leaders of India’s corporate as top class leaders. She is a Senior Leadership coach with a stalwart ability to build and develop leaders in the Corporate World.

With experience across domains, countries and portfolios, Sreekala has led turn key teams and strategies. She was instrumental in bringing leaders across 8 countries to collaborate and succeed in global programs. She has led the location strategy to set up entire Testing teams across Singapore and Vietnam in the past. With a variety of roles played, she had led development and testing teams, Pre sales , Core Engineering, Software Delivery and Project Management teams thereby gaining an end-end business sense of the Industry, hand on. A very naturally dynamic leader, she has led Agile Transformations in organizations and been responsible for bridging people and cultures to adopt and excel in this.

An alumni of the prestigious BMS College of Engineering , Sreekala is a self-driven individual and has a passion to teach. Sreekala Co Founded “Robokul Inc.” in 2010 as a hobby to bring in Robotics Awareness in children. This venture made her the recipient of the prestigious 10000 women scholarship in 2011 by the Goldman Sachs and Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, a recognition given to top women potential entrepreneurs in a country, in a year.

Her leadership goes back to her college days where she was the first elected Lady Student as President in the history of the institution.

A professional Orator for over 22 years, she has been a key note, motivational speaker and panelist at various global forums. Winning over 300 awards in various debates, her moment of glory was receiving an award from the then Governor Her Highness Smt Rama Devi of Karnataka, in the year 2000 after winning a debate.

A regular writer in LinkedIn and a motivational speaker at various conferences and believes in sharing what she knows to learn more. An explorer, she also has done theatre, Radio Voice overs and sports. She represented the state in victory in Throw ball. She was a silver medallist in Karate at the Nationals in the early 2000s.

In her quest to give back to society, over the last decade, Sreekala along with her husband Raghudeep volunteer as a Youth Faculty for the “Art of Living Foundation”. She heads the Institutions Programmes for Karnataka and has trained thousands of youth on the power of the mind and how to use it to excel in life. As a mother to 2 young children, she believes it’s all about balance and unapologetically dreaming higher for herself and a better world.

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