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Vitaly Sharovatov

Vitaly Sharovatov

Developer Advocate,


Vitaly has a total of 22 years of experience in the IT field. He spent 2 years as a system administrator, 13 years as a software developer with a focus on frontend, and 7 years in management, mentorship, and teaching roles. Vitaly specializes in working with engineers, communities, and companies to facilitate and encourage their success and growth.

Vitaly is a prominent speaker, he has given more than 40 talks on quality, engineering and related topics.

Dogfooding: eating your own cooking for quality assurance.
I will explore the concept of “dogfooding,” a practice where companies use their own products or services to understand them from a customer’s perspective. Originating from innovative companies like Apple, dogfooding has become a vital strategy for enhancing product quality.

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