April 29 - 30, 2016




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Agile Testing Automation Summit brings together people who are passionate about automation testing - enthusiastic and experienced speakers and delegates, who learn from each other through review presentations, case studies and round table discussions.

Agile Testing Automation Summit is focused more on collaborative learning from the people who are involved in agile testing, and want to explore the future of Agile.

DevOps Summit brings together leading practitioner-organizations who have achieved Continuous Delivery and organizational transformation. Companies going through Mergers and Acquisitions will inherit these systems too and be faced with similar situations. Companies need to find out the many initiatives that increase the efficiency and agility within the enterprise and balance system uptime and stability while bringing alignment between Dev and Ops.

Learn more about DevOps skills, Delivering Processes, Tools for building and deployment, Application Lifecycle Management and many more.

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X Topic Abstract

In a short period, PayU India has become India’s best online payments solution company. Such growth demanded, lightning fast delivery of product features, and since we deal in financial transactions it has to be done with 0 defects. We have built a team of 50+ strong agile testers who are signing off 6-8 production releases every day with zero downtime. In this talk I will be presenting the various things we have done to build a solid automation infrastructure allowing us to accomplish the same.

Speaker Profile

Nitin Mukhija has over 10 years of experience in automation & manual testing. In his current role as Director of Testing in PayuMoney, he is responsible for building a high performing team, implement testing strategies, automation strategy, and Continuous Integration development model to deliver software releases with an ever increasing level of quality.

He started his professional career with Microsoft where he worked near 6 years and shipped several products. He was awarded Gold Star award at Microsoft for excellent teamwork, consistent performance, passion for quality and accountability.

Academically he is Gold Medalist from Delhi University and secured First position in MCA, IIT Roorkee.

X Abstract :

Is Automation a solution for all the software projects that fail to meet objectives or suffer significant schedule and budget slippage?
Automation is tricky- not just technically but also economically. And always, automation testing happens in addition to manual testing or complements it- but cannot, does not and should not replace it altogether.

In Brief, we will be discussing about: -Why we need a Test Automation framework?
-What are the elements of a good framework design?
-Criterion for selecting specific framework design?
-Types of Test Automation framework
-Points to consider while scripting the automated test cases

Payal Sinha's Bio :

Payal Sinha, Senior Consultant at GlobalLogic is currently based at the Noida engineering centre in India. Payal has over 13+ years of diversified experience in software testing manual/automation and QA processes. As Senior Consultant at GlobalLogic she manages and mentors functional automation teams working on Web, API as well as Mobile based automation. Apart from this Payal is an active and key part of the QA COE (centre of excellence) at Globallogic.
Having worked with Globallogic from last 10 yrs and other companies like Relsys (Oracle) in the past, Payal has achieved QA and testing expertise in different domains ranging from CMS and Storage to Healthcare and Data-warehousing. Payal holds Master's in Computer Applications from Bangalore University and has a panache for learning new tools and technology in test automation sphere.

X Abstract :

Session will start with defining Performance testing of mobile apps, its Challenges, Goals and it would provide the solution approach with steps, factors, testing types, tools and frameworks for doing it.

Amitabh Srivastava Bio :

18+ years of experience in Mobile domain, have designed some very successful and award-wining mobile products, worked in role of Technology Pre-sales/Practice Head and Account/Delivery Management across Mobile & Telecom industries with vast exposure to Enterprise Mobility initiatives of big companies.

Pioneered the script-less object-comparison based mobile-test-automation approach speaking at CTIA Enterprise 2010, also presented sessions at various other trade events like Nokia World 2010, MWC 2011, StarWest 2012, NASCOM Technology Summit 2012, India Testing Week 2013 and Enterprise Mobility & Cloud Summit 2014, WCNGT 2014, MEExpo 2014 Las Vegas, USA. Proven though leader with 3000+ contributions to Nokia Developer Community since 2009, title of Nokia Developer Champion of Champions 2013, Selected Thought Leader by Next-Gen Testing Community for 2014, Top Contributors of the week on various LinkedIn groups.

Architected m-Automate (cloud based mobile testing Automation tool), appIT (Secure Managed dynamic hybrid application development platform for Enterprises), InteractEz(social business interaction platform) and ODMS (On-Demand Mobility Services Business Platform) regular speaker at technology webinars, creating innovative mobile application products that can change Human behavior.

X Topic Abstract

Test automation is use of specialized software to execute tests and check parity between expected and actual outcomes.

Challenges faced during Test Automation come from many fronts. Some of them have been which are of highest precedence mentioned below needs strong focus:

1. Test Case Pack front- Incorrect selection of manual test cases to automate.

2. Tools front- wrong tool selection, lack of tool support from vendor, Object Repository Maintenance for complex application like many E-Commerce websites.

3. Engineer's front- lack of tool knowledge, training resource and trained professionals, preferred programming skills etc.

4. Framework front- design and implementation of flexible framework, recovery scenario implementation and Execution of framework of high performance.

5. AUT front- Different or new technology based AUT implementation like these days applications are developed keeping usability quotient at forefront. Hence, how Usability testing can be carried out by automation.

If there is correct scope with an ROI for Test automation identified using a maintainable framework, this gives us the below enlisted benefits:

1. Generates sustainable time and money savings by fast validation of changes with new release of application.

2. Increases significance and accuracy of testing.

3. Provides greater test coverage.

4. Provides consistency unlike that in manual testing.

5. No time constraints in test automation in comparison to manual testing.

6. Re-usable and versatile nature of test scripts allows application in differing scenarios and environments.

7. Increases productivity.

8. Helps eliminate limitations of regression testing.

Speaker Profile

Apurv Agarwal, is working as a Quality Expert at SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd and has work experience of around 13 years.

He has experience on Various Domains like Telecom, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, Ecommerce etc. and possess strong Automation experience on various tools.

At SAP Labs, he along with his Automation Team provides Automated Solution for Various Products across Different Domains by using industry standard Tools. Apurv holds a B.E. Degree from Punjab Engineering college, Chandigarh.

He like to spend Quality Time with his son & daughter, as well take part in their passion.

Sohaib Ahmed, is working as a Automation Tester at BristleCone India Pvt. Ltd and has work experience of around 6 years. He is working as a Team member with Apurv Agarwal and together they work on Providing Automated Solution to Products. He has good experience on Open source Automation tool "Selenium WebDriver".

X Abstract:

With the ever evolving IT industry and our mix of customer base the need for Quality and thus the demands from the testing team are ever increasing. To cater to these needs we at Naukri have been doing various things. We adopted Agile few years back and along with that infused continuous testing in our DNA. Now we have dedicated product scrum teams, testing from a customer business perspective on the lines of defect prevention using progressive automation testing. We focus immensely towards minimizing flakiness in our tests and optimizing our automation tests to be faster and robust. Lots of new tools and practices have been adopted like Selenium Grid, Jenkins and TestLink to achieve continuous testing @ Naukri. We believe that focus improves quality and thus we have built comprehensive reports around all the focus areas that we have like Build Quality, Velocity, Automation –coverage/execution etc

Speaker Profile :

Meetu Arora
Senior V.P, Quality Assurance,
Infoedge India Ltd
16+ years of experience in software development, testing and delivery of a wide range of mobile & web applications. Experience in designing testing practices, setting up full-fledged automation teams and adoption of testing & Agile best practices. Well balanced leadership skills to build and nurture high quality motivated teams. Agile SCRUM and Test Automation specialist with strong delivery/risk management experience.

X Topic Abstract

With the penetration of mobile network into remote areas, accessing different websites over their mobile app has become fairly easy. Due to this there is a great shift in customer base from their websites toward the mobile app. Hence development of mobile app has become extremely important for the organization that too at a fast pace along with superior quality.

Maintaining superior quality of mobile app is extremely important as:

- Unlike web app sending daily release over mobile app is not recommended (As customer have to take an update for that). Hence QA has to be very careful about catching all P0/P1 bugs before sending the release.

- Penetration of android app varies drastically in terms of devices. Hence the number of devices on which application is to be tested is humungous.

- As per industry standard, a development cycle for an app is typically around 14-21 days i.e. roughly around 1 working week for QA & bug fixes

Therefore it's nearly impossible for QA verification to happen manually for the app taking timelines and superior quality of app in consideration. The only solution for this is continuous automation for the app and that too has to be parallel with development because of the sprint duration.

Summarizing, we will be talking about the approach MMT as an organization have taken up to introduce parallel automation for mobile application. This would cover the challenges faced in introducing the approach, the work flow of this approach and the benefits derived from this approach.

Speaker Profile

Anirudh Bhardwaj is a member of QA team @ Makemytrip with a work experience of around 6 years. He loves working on new technologies and like exploring efficient ways of doing things. His team ensures high level of qualities putting extra step on understanding the underlying architecture. Anirudh holds a Bachelor Degree from NSIT, Delhi. Apart from work, he likes spending time with his daughter.

X Topic Abstract

Session will contain challenges for mobile DevOps, it would provide the solution approach with required tools and frameworks for code, build, release, test and monitor.

Speaker Profile

A solutions architect by profession and author of the book 'Enterprise Mobility Breakthrough'. He has handsome experience with enterprise mobility solutions, services and products. He has worked with Fortune 500 firms for mobile solutions (architecture, design, development, quality assurance and porting). He holds a master’s degree in computer applications, an MBA and a master’s degree in English.

X Topic Abstract

a. The various testing related constraints to Continuous Delivery

b. How effective Test Case Design and Test Data Management methods and tools can help facilitate Agile Development and Continuous Delivery

c. How to leverage of innovations such as Service Virtualization to remove development and testing constraints

d. How to leverage continuous application release & deployment with Release Automation

e. Testing best practices today and what the future of testing looks like

Speaker Profile

Coming Soon....

X Topic Abstract

"Tool chain for running Docker containers in production. Get there…and expand!!"

"The presentation centres around Docker Containers and tool chain to support applications in your production/pre-production echo system. It also talks about what all you should be cautious before migrating your existing applications to containers and various use cases."

Speaker Profile

I am one of the passionate warriors supporting Adobe keep up its Enterprise SaaS offerings. Focused on accelerating Development and simplifying Operations. Currently, engaged in building a SRE team comprising of diverse skill set.

X Topic Abstract

Containers are hot! Docker is most popular container service but how do you achieve scale?

Docker Swarm and Mesos are the answer. Docker Swarm is the native clustering of hosts so the pool of Docker hosts start looking like a single end-point for deployment, Mesos go one step further and not only deploys/scale Docker images over a pool of hosts but can also manage the entire pool for memory, cpu, storage e.t.c. In this talk we’ll package a Webapp using Docker, Deploy it in the cloud and scale it using Docker Swarm and Mesos

Speaker Profile

Coming Soon....

X Topic Abstract

This session is all about Chef, a SCM automation tool. Chef takes initiative on every kind of automation from system configuration prospective and handle it very elegantly. It is in core of Chef to manage infrastructure as code.

In this session we will get familiar with Chef and its building blocks. This session starts from Resources and ends at Cookbooks via Recipes. At the end of this session we all will get to know about significance of automation industry. We as a Devops can co-relate our day to day work and also fabricate hot leads to them.

By this route I will try to share some of my experiences on how automation can be done in a fantasized way using chef ( Especially for infrastructure automation).

- Will discuss about the resources of chef and their meaningful implementation which leads to generate recipe and cookbooks, capable in automation of an infra.

- Will showcase an complete cookbook creation which will take care installation and configuration over a server.

- At the end of this journey we will conclude with essential components of chef for successful automation.

Take away for participants

- Understanding of SCM and infrastructure automation.

- How a devops engineer can use Chef for easy life and add an extra edge to his work.

- Demo of a complete server management using a cookbook.

- Generic understanding and Q&A related to chef automation.

Speaker Profile

Saurabh Vajpayee is a Devops Engineer at Opstree Solutions. He strategize and implements automation and SCM practices over multiple projects. He is passionate about build and release best practices. Responsible for smooth functioning by complete automation on servers. He also writes some blogs in his spare time and work on various utilities. Currently he is writing a blog series on Chef starting from ground zero to a Chef expert.


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