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On behalf of UNICOM, we cordially invite you to participate at the Agile Leadership Summit 2017, scheduled to take place in Bangalore!

As leaders, we often put our teams and organizations first. We have a responsibility to foster continuous learning and improvement. And when we want to bring about change, the trick is introducing it in a way that is effective—not invasive—and lasting. If this were easy, it would not be called leading. So, join us at the Agile Leadership Summit to challenge yourself and increase your leadership mastery.

The program will offer parallel paper presentation sessions, keynote sessions and pre-conference workshops to share your ideas, explore on-going research, future development and to network with the professionals from academia amd industries.

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Agile Olympiad 2017

Agile Olympiad is an initiative of KPMG and UNICOM to run India's most prestigious Corporate Quiz on Agile.

The Purpose of this contest is to identify India's most knowledgeable Agile professionals. Will you bring laurel to your organization and to yourself?

Agile Olympiad will be organized by UNICOM and presented by KPMG in 2017.

Over 1500 IT professionals from 140+ companies in India and abroad would be participating, with experience ranging from 6 months to 25 years and professionals in Agile.

India Agile Awards 2017

India Agile Awards will recognize those organizations and practitioners that have stepped away from legacy tools and processes to create Agile programs that define the future of Product Development, services and support. Executives and teams leading IT and Testing at these companies will be recognized among their peers at the India Agile Awards.

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X Topic Abstract

Does test management have a place in contemporary organisations? Given that many companies are moving to cross functional teams, do we need test managers? Are these concepts relevant in today’s agile approach to software development?

At Tyro Payments, we've built a team from 5 to 23 testers in one year. We've experimented with test management and the role of test manager. We’ve constantly evolved our ideas about what it meant to lead testing in a high growth organisation. We evolved from the concept of test management to one of test leadership. This keynote will describe our growth, how we pivoted based on experimentation and learning. It will share some insights and traps to avoid. It will end with ideas about the future of test management and how it might fit into a future, where the only certainty is that testing will look very different to what is today.

Speaker Profile

I'm Anne-Marie Charrett and I offer software testing services through my company Testing Times.

An electronic engineer by trade, software testing chose me when I started conformance testing against European standards. I was hooked and has been testing since then.

I setup Testing Times in 1998 to meet the needs of companies looking for consulting and training in the field of software testing.

Software Testing Services

I offer the following services:

Exploratory Testing Workshops (1/2 day or full day)
How to Coach Testers Workshop
Test Management Support
Coaching Testers (In person or remotely)
Software Test Consulting
Speaker on Software Testing
Expert Witness
For more detail, visit my page on software testing services

I’m involved in the testing community both in Ireland with (An Irish User Group) and the Sydney Testers Meetup where we are hosting monthly meetups.

If you want to find out more about me, listen to this podcast where I was interviewed by Software Test Pro. You need to be a Pro Member to listen to any archived podcasts, but you can listen to it here for free.

X Topic Abstract

So many subjects in software testing can appear to be complicated, but nowadays none as much as agile testing. Almost everyone has an opinion about it, and none can be taken as a “general” truth; except the fact that agile testers need to reflect a different mind-set and agile testing requires distinct approaches.

Beyond any doubt, whether you establish a solid agile testing framework yourself or someone does it for you, it will bring many benefits. Some of the most critical ones include: a powerful foundation to cope with the agile challenges and a systematic approach to shorten the time-to-market delivery by supporting the quality of your software products in preliminary stages.

My session mainly focuses on the myths/challenges of agile testing including; different agile methodologies (Scrum, XP, Kanban etc.) and fitting test approaches, agile team structure and testers’ independence, agile testing techniques and need for regression testing, test automation and tools. Hopefully the attendees will leave the session with an understanding of how to choose their agile testing approach and how to make the right test automation decision.

Key Benefits for the Audience:

- Understanding the Agile World, Agile Myths & Agile Testing Challenges
- Establishing the right Agile Testing Strategy
- Understanding the User Experience & Usability Testing Concepts in Agile
- Making the right Test Automation Decision
- Choosing the right Agile Testing Techniques & Tools

Speaker Profile

- IT professional with 15+ years of experience as IT Consultant, Software Engineer, Software Developer and Software Tester for many different organizations.

- Highly experienced in Software Development Life-Cycle, Software Project Management, Business Analysis, Agile Methodologies, Usability, User Experience (UX), Quality Assurance and Software Testing.

- Published a number of papers and books within the Software Testing profession and contribute to the field by regularly attending conferences as a speaker, panelist, lecturer, moderator and contributor.

X Topic Abstract

Increasingly, software is being developed following the agile approaches in a distributed setup. Due to the increased globalization and advancement of ICTs, project teams distributed across the globe has become a common place. At the same time, agile approaches have been embraced by organizations in an attempt to uncover 'better ways of delivering software'. Distributed Agile, as the name implies, is a model in which projects are implemented following Agile methodology with teams that are located across multiple geographies. This model presents inherent conflicting demands due to the very nature of 'agility' and 'distributedness' required in a single project. This talk shall dwell on various philosophies that surround agile project management in distributed setup. Together, we attempt to explore the possible scenarios for effective management of the project work.

Speaker Profile

Ashay Saxena is a Research Fellow in the field of Information Systems at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. He has extensively pursued research on understanding various management approaches undertaken towards software development; through collaboration with multiple product development as well as services oriented organizations. He has delivered talks as well as presented research on several forums such as ACM Computers & People Research Conference, Australasian Conference on Information Systems, India Agile Week, Bangalore Agile Week and Agile Leadership Summit. He has also been associated with MNCs, such as Accenture Technology Group and Freescale Semiconductor in the past.

X Topic Abstract

In a world of accelerating change and growing uncertainty, where the rates of return on assets and on invested capital has been on a continuous decline, Agile has emerged as the answer. Today the discussions and debates are around business agility, leadership agility, its relevance and its practicalities. Leadership Agility - The exigent demands of the VUCA world, is intended to think beyond execution frameworks and explore the hurdles an enterprise could encounter when transitioning from scalable efficiency to scalable learning, transitioning from bureaucracy to adhocracy, transitioning from delighting shareholders to delighting customers.

In a nut shell, exploring Leadership Agility and its pivotal role in transforming to an entrepreneurial organization focused at delivering value at scale.

Speaker Profile

Preeth is a leadership oriented, people first, enterprise aware pragmatic agile coach with 18 years of industry learning, and now trains, consults and coaches organizations to be agile and more importantly to stay agile.

He works with the leadership teams to collaboratively explore the best approach, empower the teams, enable the roles, and transform the practices based on known agile frameworks, scaling frameworks and the best practices out there today through constant use of inspect & adapt to be sustainable and self-evolving.

X Topic Abstract

Gone are the days when performance engineering for systems and software was done as an afterthought, or after the first performance related escalation from a customer was received. Today, performance is embedded right from design to every stage of the implementation and verification. Sufficient advancements have been incorporated to left-shift identification of potential performance issues and address them as soon as possible. However, performance engineering teams still work isolated from most other teams in the development and research labs.

Given that the performance engineering teams hold the mantle for a successful release and a go-to market strategy in many cases, they become crucial squad members in addition to representatives from other engineering teams as well as from the marketing and offering management teams.

In this session, I will go through a case study of the transformation that I personally led in the Systems performance engineering organisation within IBM. Detailing the structure that existed and the challenges that were posed during the journey of adopting a scaling agile approach for performance engineering, I will cover the synergy that was achieved as well as points for any team that is interested in adopting this approach for their traditionally structured teams.

Speaker Profile

Swetha Sivaram is an Engineering Manager in the Power Systems Development organization in the IBM Systems Development Labs. Her experience of 15 years in the software industry spans across domains such as systems performance, application development, usability and user experience, service virtualization and psychometric evaluation. Her exposure to multi-cultural environments and direct exposure to consumers of the various products that she has been involved in creating, have greatly added to her insights on what it takes to make a product successful. She has patents in the area of usability and user experience and her passion for design has seen her work on various design projects with graduates from the National Institute of Design. She has a B.Tech. degree from BITS, Pilani in Computer Engineering. She represents IBM at various internal and external conferences on topics ranging from Agile Transformations, DevOps, Service Virtualization and Automation to soft skills and management topics.

X Topic Abstract

Design thinking is a concept to solve so called “wicked problems”. The issues that affect a lot of people, customers. It is not something new, but there was lack of clarity on approach in address these issues. Many inventions have happened by chance and when these scientists were really trying to address these core problems, It was not quite possible to find these path breaking ideas. What is the approach we need to take now to solve these people centric problems? Design thinking is one of the probable answer.

Speaker Profile

A leader with a vision to bring in great difference and excellence in the organization there by multiplying business/value to achieve greater heights.

20 years of experience in the IT industry through which I bring in strong management background and versatile experience in Leadership Coaching and Agile Transformation.

I am the first professional to be nominated for the SPCT program in Asia I am very passionate about using the Indian culture and heritage to develop Indian leadership

Currently working as an Enterprise Agile Coach and transforming Philips into SAFe A strong advocate of Agile and has helped implement Agile for various customers.

Experience in agile transformation, coaching and building high performing Agile teams.

Specialties: Human being, Building successful teams, Coaching leadership team in Agile transformation. Scaled Agile Enterprise transformation.

X Topic Abstract

One of the dilemmas faced by Agile coaches is how to transform Agile teams, who traditionally have been following a "Command & Control" style, to a "Servant Leadership" style. This is an onerous task and there is a lot of excess baggage which has been accumulated over the years, which needs to be shed by these teams.

Many times coaches are frustrated by unsuccessful attempts to bring about this change and they are tempted to apply authoritarian coaching practices to get quick results.

Shouldn’t a coach practice what is being preached or is it that radical changes or positive disruptions can only be achieved with a command and force? This session will seek answers to this classic paradox which agile coaches face on a daily basis.

X Topic Abstract

Kanban is a process designed to help teams work together more effectively. In this session, one gets to see real Kanban in action. This workshop designed to help people understand the effects of limiting work in progress, how to manage flow and build feedback loops and effectively implementing Kanban in their work environment. It aims at effectively implementing and achieving the benefits of the Kanban system through an interactive and engaging workshop.

Speaker Profile

Priyank DK Pathak is an Enterprise Agile Transformation and Continuous Delivery Consultant providing training, mentoring and coaching services to companies to gain outcomes like quality, value and continuous flow. His key intervention is nurturing and developing skills required for Agile Software Development practices and methodologies based on the core Agile and Lean Values and Principles. He brings passion to his work and establishes strong understanding and expectations of customer value, by building on trust, results, and collaboration across the enterprise at leadership, management and delivery organization.


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Testing Times

Ashay Saxena

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IIM Bangalore

Swetha Sivaram

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Anand Murthy Raj

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Acharyulu GCR

SPC, Enterprise Agile coach


Priyank Pathak

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Preeth Pandalay

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