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National banks and regulators, exchanges and investment banks across the world are taking seriously the financial innovation of distributed ledger or block chain technology. The block chain, aka Trust Machine underpins "crypto currencies" such as Bitcoin; but it goes beyond digital money. It provides a shared, trusted, public ledger that everyone can inspect, but no single user controls. It is at the cusp of revolutionising international money transfers, trade finance, syndicated lending and collateral management, among other applications. As it allows for almost instantaneous payments and settlement, the potential impact on the role of traders, quants and other financial technologists cannot be underestimated.

This conference brings together Block Chain technologists in the finance sector, regulators, industry commentators, computer science researchers and others involved in financial innovation; these experts explore some of the technology and the many applications of Block chain in Financial Services in Bangalore.


The 1st edition of the annual corporate quiz contest Blockchain Tussle is here!! Purpose of this contest is to identify India's most knowledgeable professional in Blockchain. The topics will be generic to make the contest fun and competitive. Will you bring laurel to your organization and to yourself?

Blockchain Tussle will be organized by UNICOM in 2018.

Over 1250 IT professionals from 350+ companies in India and abroad would be participating, with experience ranging from 1 year to 20 years.

Game Plan:

Qualifier Round 1: Online on February 08, 2018 - Duration 30 Mins [Time: 4:00-4:30 PM] FREE

Semi-Finals in Bangalore at the conference venue (08:15-08:45 AM) - PAY

Finals with 4 Teams in Bangalore at the conference venue (Time: 4:30-5:00 PM) - FREE

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X Topic Abstract

As simple as this topic is, especially for folks out here with a basic understanding of as I'd like to call it 'The New Internet.' (Ref: Silicon Valley Season 4.) in this topic, I'd like to talk about the finer complexities of why there's a great affinity towards blockchain and how simple it can be across various industries and as Internet thrived, and grew, this will too! This talk would cover broad topics on Blockchain technologies to help provide simple solutions to people managing data that multiple clients (individuals or organisations) have a copy of, and how it requires consolidating, validating, sharing data within the company, creating asset registry on a digital space without duplication of identity (e.g. cryptographic identification) and of course very much HOT topic of AI and IoT (Ref: Black Mirror.) Broadly, I'd like to focus on elaborating the importance of the following

1. Distributed Ledger Technology (Smart Contracts, Pvt/Public Networks, Consensus)

2. Blockchain Implementation. (The Decentralized You.)

3. Ethereum and its power in the future.

4. Data Storage / Data Distribution.

5. Blockchain Wiki

Speaker Profile

As cliched as it may sound, Srinivas is a Computer Engineering drop-out and has been a communications professional for close to 15 years. He built a career based on his interest and passion towards Technology, Startups, Marketing and picked up interest in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency early in 2014, failing to understand during the Mt. Gox Era over the years has gradually become a Blockchain enthusiast now also a value investor in Cryptocurrencies for the last one year.

In his full time career, he's worked for India's largest and fastest growing Digital Agencies, namely Social Kinnect (Campaign Asia Independent Agency of the Year) and Mirum (A WPP Group Company), in the last 10 years across various leadership roles managing some top tech clients such as Intel Software, Vserv India.

He's also an avid storyteller in the tech and travel space having published over 200 articles and been quoted in various publications such as Business Standard, Brand Equity, Lighthouse Insights, Social Samosa, ZDNet, AdGully and many others. He also writes on Digital Marketing, Startups, Technology and Travel.

Apart from that, Srinivas has also been a public speaker and a guest speaker at Management colleges such as IIM, SIMC, Pune (Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communications), IIDE, Mumbai (Indian Institute of Digital Education) and conducted workshops for Social Samosa, The Digital Brunch and has been a speaker at Barcamp Mumbai. He has also been part of a panel on The Future of Digital Marketing at CMO Asia Summit powered by BBC Knowledge.

From being a speaker at a tech conference Srinivas has been a Developer Evangelist with Intel Software Network back from 2010-2014. And involved with a few initiatives of NASSCOM on the Game Development Conference (GDC) in 2010

Specifically, in 2012/13, he has also written Technology and Startup Blogs for ZDNet Asia (Singapore) on the tech and Startup India space

Also, funnily enough, he's reviewed the Angry Birds game on UTV Tech Bloomberg's TV Show TechTree.

X Topic Abstract

Blockchain technologies have emerged as mature, beyond the IP regimentation of the initial Satoshi Naka moto versions; still Intellect finds the nut not too easy to crack-it’s complicated with too many busy systems, processes and pipes

Good news is GOVERNMENTS, MAJOR INSTITUTIONS, BANKS AND KEY INDUSTRY LEADERS are highly bullish about the Blockchain philosophies

Just as MungoDB, noSQL and PLATFORMS like Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Heroku, RUBY ON RAILS have emerged in data spaces, for the Blockchain, similar standardizations are in the offing..IEEE P2418 …the blockchain standard

For good of the world, it is better to have original source code in strict compliance controls of various inter-governmental bodies

Speaker Profile

Flt.Lt. AT Kishore(Retd.) is Aeronautical Engineer, Applied Electronics Post Graduate and Senior Member of IEEE.Sri AT is MEMBER of Board Of Studies of KiiT, India, Member of IoT standardization efforts of curriculum for NSDC, IESA.Member of WiKi INDIA.POLING OFFICER FOR NEW CHARTER FOR INDIA WIKI 2016.Principal Consultant Telecom, Smart City Advisory Team Member of IEEE.Contributing member for IEEE standards P1931.1 on ROOF computing. He is also contributor for Ministry Of External Affairs, Govt. Of India. Sri AT SERVED at NATIONAL INFORMATICS CENTRE, INDIA'S IT DECISION SUPPORT ORG. OF GOVT OF INDIA.HE IS ACTIVE IN FORUMS FOR IOT, SMART CITIES, WEARABLES, BigDATA analitics and executive committee member of several IEEE conferences, and Key Note Speaker for Universities on INDUSTRY aspects of discussion

He finished the CSIR-sponsored PhD degree in Anna University, Chennai and continued the UGC-sponsored postdoctoral research in the department of Computer Science and Automation, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Thereafter, he was granted a couple of international research fellowships (JSPS and JST) to work as a research scientist for 3.5 years in two leading Japanese universities. He has published more than 30 research papers in peer-reviewed journals such as IEEE, ACM, Springer-Verlag, Inderscience, etc. He has authored 7 books thus far and he focuses on some of the emerging technologies such as

EXECOM MEMBER COMSOC BENGALURU,INDIA & Secretary ComSoc India SENIOR MEMBER IEEE Flt.Lt.AT Kishore (Retd) Principal Consultant Telecom UTL Technologies &

    - Software-defined Cloud Environments (SDCEs)
    - Big, Fast, Streaming and IoT Data Analytics
    - DevOps through Docker-enabled Containerization
    - Microservices architecture (MSA)
    - Context-aware Computing
    - Edge / Fog and Cognitive Analytics
    - Blockchain Technology for IoT Data and Device Security
    - Smarter Cities Technologies and Tools

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X Topic Abstract

Imagine an autonomous car - managed by an algorithm and running in the cloud. It picks and drops you and gets paid. The car uses a part of its earnings for fuel and service. Gradually, it earns enough and places an order for another autonomous car, and keeps adding. What we foresee is a billion-dollar business - first autonomous company in the world - that is owned not by humans, but by a car or is it the algorithm?

While the above narrative sounds little far stretched or perhaps a little scary, the fact is that it is very much in the realms of possibility. We are fast shifting into an autonomous world. Machines, processes, systems, organizations or its parts that run autonomously taking productivity to a different plane. We will witness a hyper connected world, with infrastructural foundations that weave trust, consensus, traceability, security and dependability, into the very fabric of automation. Any machine, system, process or humans can build trusted networks with any other entity, unlike today, where innovation is happening in selected private networks of trust. Electronic and intelligent contracts will underpin seamless transactions between humans and machines, and between machines! The talk will focus on the transformative potential of Blockchain across industries

Speaker Profile

C-level leader in the Innovation & digital technologies space with passion for continually creating new business value in intrapreneurial setting. Rated by Enterprise IT world as among top 100 C-suite leaders that are re-defining the tomorrow using digital.

Currently the CDO & CTO of ITC Infotech where he is focused on building ITC Infotech into a global leader in the digital space.

He was earlier the Global CTO of Brillio, a Silicon Valley digital tech firm. He was responsible for the company’s technology and innovation strategy & headed the global digital business. This included the digital consulting, digital experiences & digital engineering business units. He also ran global innovation labs & Brillio design studios. He was the face of the company in global forums, as a digital futurist & thought leader. He also managed key CXO relations world wide on innovation & digital strategy.

He is highly sought keynote speaker for his passionate and inspiring talks on themes related to digital, innovation and technology led business transformations.

A futurist, strategist & a passionate inventor, Puneet has over 75 granted and published patents & over 100 publications to his credit. He is on the board of directors of multiple firms including Marketelligent, a global analytics firm. He also serves on the advisory boards of global startups, Industry bodies & tech forums.

He was earlier with Infosys as its head of multi-channel digital experiences at Infosys Labs, leading the Infosys digital platforms organization.

Before that he was with Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies as an architect of its 2nd and 3rd gen wireless data program.

A rare combination of technology innovation, organizational leadership and aggressive markets focus, Puneet has through his career demonstrated strong ability in strategy, incubation as well as building scaled business organizations.

X Topic Abstract

Last month, the overall market capitalization of cryptocurrencies touched the $120 billion mark. Bitcoin, created by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, continues to be the leader in this market – with ~48% share. Interestingly though, the market share of bitcoin has actually fallen rather significantly since the start of 2017 (it was >85% in February).

Ethereum, founded by the young Vitalik Buterin (this time, a real person!), has emerged as the ‘fastest-growing’ player in the cryptocurrency market – with an astounding 5000% growth this year (Bitcoin, in comparison, has grown by around 300%). Starting out with a sub-10% market share in January, the platform has constantly made inroads, and currently occupies almost 22% of the market (Ripple, whose share has considerably gone down in recent times, is the third-most popular cryptocurrency). Over here, we will do a point-by-point Ethereum vs Bitcoin analysis, and try to find out which of the two has the better features and capabilities:

Speaker Profile

Dr. Shankar Ramamoorthy is currently working as Chief Customer Success Officer at Harman Connected Services , helping the Software Enabled Business of Harman. He was earlier Quality Business Partner –at Amdocs. - where he evangelized and implemented 40 patented Test Management Framework machine using BI/Analytics.

Dr Shankar is a TQM ( Total Quality Management) professional, who has spent much of his 26-years career managing change and improving software Quality Engineering efficiency through Data and Metrics driven Quality Management Systems.

He believes in evangelizing , coaching and mentoring test teams through inspirational leadership.

Shankar has a vast experience in setting up Test COE( Centre of Excellence),and has successfully carried out 6 rollouts on TPI/TMMI/Test Maturity frameworks for several companies.

He has handled the entire gamut of testing landscape right from Pre- Sales, Sales, Delivery and instituted a process temper in his earlier assignments.

He was Vice President of QA for Golden Source Corporation managing the Product Assurance Practice . His earlier assignments were as Director of UST Global running QA Labs at UST Global in India. Prior to this he served as Vice President –Testing/Release Services at Rave Technologies-a Northgate Subsidiary (UK) and before that, he was serving in Bharti Telesoft( Airtel) as Vice President for Customer Advocacy group and ensuring customer experience using Outcome driven Models.

He was a Director of TQM for Genband Technologies , where he implemented the Outcome Driven Business Model for operational efficiency using the New Normal –Quality Engineering Techniques.

He has pioneered the Objective Question Metrics (OQM) Model which was his thesis topic at IIT-Delhi. This model provides guidance to Software Companies to install Objective driven Metricized Systems to improve Critical Success Factors for Organizations in general and Test Organizations in particular. This model has been implemented by him in some of his earlier assignments. He is a frequent Guest speaker at Engineering Colleges/Management institutes and speaks at seminars and workshops on various topics pertaining to Business Excellence, QA, QC and Test Management Frameworks. He is on the advisory panel of Agile Test Alliances, Devops ++ Alliance and TMMI member, and Jury , panel member , screening committee member for various IT conferences in the country.

Dr. Shankar is a computer science engineer from NIT Tiruchirapalli and is armed with a PhD in Software Quality Engineering from IIT Delhi, M. Tech from IIT-Delhi in Technology Management Systems, and an PGDM from AIMA( All India Management Association) -Delhi Dr Shankar also has a P.G.Diploma in Business Management and Industrial Administration, Personnel Management and Industrial Relations and in Marketing Management .

He is a lead auditor of ISO 9001, CMMI Assessor, Lead Auditor of ISO 27001, TMMI trainer and certified TMMI professional from ISQI Germany. He has 25 papers and 4 publications to his credit and frequent Keynote speaker at all Testing /IT Conferences.

X Topic Abstract

TradeDomain &Blockchain–Ecosystemperspective

Industry Opportunity

1.Trade Gap

2.Process Optimization & Transparency

3.Risk & Compliance Imperatives

4.Physical Supply Chain

Smart Contracts

1.DAO – Distributed Autonomous Organization

2.Legal doctrine

Challengesin Adoption | Strategic Priorities

1.Operational Readiness – TOM (Use Case | Product | Service | Customer Exp)

2.Maturity of Blockchain Model

3.Point of Competitive differentiation


1.Blockchain – Smart Contracts | Proof of Ownership/Origin | Digital Identity

2.IoT – Drones | Intelligent Sensors

3.Intelligent OCR


Speaker Profile

Tanish Mathur is a Sr. Industry Practitioner with more than 14 years of experience in Corporate Banking, Business Analysis, Testing, Consulting & Project Management.

Tanish has keen interest in emerging technologies including Blockchain with specific focus in Banking & Trade Finance domain.

As part of core banking & consulting engagements with different clients, Tanish has successfully managed business expectations through a collection of integrated initiatives spanning Organization, Processes, Product & Technology.

Prior to HSBC, Tanish has worked with Wipro, BFSI Software Consulting, Bank Julius Baer, Singapore, Oracle, HDFC Bank, American Express Bank & ABN Amro.

His recent work “Converging themes of Innovation & Project Management” has been awarded as the best paper @ Project Management National Conference India, 2017.

Tanish holds an MBA in Finance from IBS, Hyderabad & certified in PMI-PMP, PMI-ACP, ITIL V3, ISTQB & Oracle Flexcube.

Speaking Engagements

Blockchain Lightning Talks’ at Product Leaders Forum, Bengaluru, 2017

World Blockchain Summit, Bengaluru (7th-8th Sep, 2017) – Speaker :
Leveraging Blockchain Technology in Trade Finance Domain

Project Management National Conference, India 2017 – Speaker:
Converging themes of Innovation and Project Management

PMI Global Webinar (19th Jul, 2017 Decision Making – Identification and Counterbalancing of Bounds (Rationale to Wisdom)


Mathur Tanish (Sep, 2017) “Converging themes of Innovation and Project Management”. Project Management National Conference, India 2017.

Mathur Tanish (Sep, 2016) “Bounded Rationality – Influence on Decision Making in Project Management”. Asian Journal of Research in Business Economics and Management Vol 6, No. 9, pp. 26-60.

Mathur Tanish (Mar, 2016) “Requirement evaluation assessment log”.

X Topic Abstract

Speaker Profile

14 years of experience in Information Technology, ERP Systems, Integration & Change Management. Became Bitcoin Lover 2.5 years ago and been Cryptocurrencies Trainer since 2 years.

Was keen on marrying Green Energies with Cryptocurrencies, so launched the Project: GreenHashes to set standards for Responsible Mining.

X Topic Abstract

As the giant unicorn of global movie industry, Netflix has successfully squeezed out multiple competitors. However, its global expansion displays a huge gap between the so called mature market and the so called emerging market. How Netflix operates is unfriendly to users, to the industry and even to itself: it's original series has become the new blockbuster who consumes most of the resources and promotional channels of the industry; it asks users to pay a large sum of subscription fee without knowing how many movies are they actually going to watch; it also has to spend huge money on the maintainance of CDN. MovieChain is designed to appeal the current social and ecnomical conditions of emerging market as it is based on a distributed platform like Xender. By introducing blockchain technology, MovieChain is determined to achieve decentralization and equality for both users and content providers.

Speaker Profile

Piyush Mathur is a brand leader, digital evangelist and an entrepreneurial strategist with expertise in new-age marketing and businesses. An MBA from IMT Ghaziabad with extensive experience spanning over two decades, he led top-level roles with leading MNCs like Daewoo, Haier, etc. across Telecom, Internet and other verticals.

Currently he heads India operations for Xender and has played an instrumental role in acquiring a country-wide base of more than 100 Million monthly active users (MAU). He is also the key person responsible for collaborating with all the movie production companies and developing the MovieChain business in India.

X Topic Abstract

First things first, Taxation isn't entirely equal to regulations. As long as the taxes are reasonable, it would be a welcome step but the Govts would not stop at only taxes. Additional Regulations would defeat the actual purpose of crypto currencies. There needs to be radical change in the way Govts across the world think & approach crypto currencies

Speaker Profile

Vishwanath Shastry comes with wide ranging experience in the corporate industry with over 10+ years in Leasing, Automobiles & Computers. He is actively involved with Crypto Currency & blockchain industry over the last 3 years. Presently as the Vice President at Unocoin, he is responsible for its enterprise outreach and taking care of Unocoin’s crypto asset range

X Topic Abstract

India is in a unique position to create a healthcare model that can cater to a billion plus people. Emerging technologies have now given us an opportunity to shape this healthcare model.

Among them Blockchain has the potential to transform care outcomes in the country. In this session Dr Vikram Venkateswaran, founder editor of Healthcare India looks at some key issues like

a. Why we should consider Blockchain for healthcare in India?

b. How would that new model work?

c. What are the low hanging fruits?

d. A few examples of other initiatives globally

Speaker Profile

Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran is a marketing leader and digital evangelist. He is the founder of Healthcare India, a social movement for better health. Dr. Vikram is an author and speaker at business and marketing events. He can be reached on twitter @drvikram.

Dr Vikram Venkateswaran is a passionate sales and marketing professional with over a decade of experience in strategic marketing, Influencer Marketing, Social media and digital marketing. He has worked for and advised Global companies in the healthcare, Life sciences and Technology industries.

Dr. Vikram is also an avid blogger runs three blogs on his key focus areas- India, healthcare and football. With a view to put the spot light on lesser known home grown brands, The Desi Brand Strategy focuses on how these brands can use marketing to grow.

A keen observer of developments in public healthcare and associated areas and has started India’s first independent blog healthcare in India focused on public health.

The Soccer Pill is a blog dealing with the financial and management aspects of the game of football.

Dr Vikram is a guest blogger for third party publications like

  1. Social Media Today

  2. HIMSS Future Care

He is also public speaker at various business and management forums. Some of the forums that he has recently spoken at include

1.Toastmasters Leadership Institute 2014, Bangalore
2.Toastmasters Leadership InstitutCXO Power meet up, IAMAI 2014, Bangalore
3.Communication Quotient 2013, Bangalore
4.Global E Health Forum, Hamburg

Dr Vikram was awarded the Distinguished Toastmaster Award by Toastmasters International in 2013. He is also a visiting professor handling marketing and business development studies at Symbiosis institute of Mass Communications Bangalore. He also serves on the NASSCOM sub-committee on marketing & communication.

On the personal front Dr Vikram Amateur tennis player and supports the EPL Club Manchester United

X Topic Abstract

Blockchain as a technology and concept continues to be hyped in the financial services industry. As a disruptive technology, blockchain is equally impactful with the potential to redefine the operations and economics in the non-financial services industry. Experimental approaches and innovations of blockchain are emerging and are of great interest and appeal outside financial sector to equal extent.

Areas of Non-FS case studies (Practical Blockchain Proof of Concept experience)

1. Procure to Pay across Industries – P2P is the multi-step process connecting a client with one or more service/product providers. How Blockchain allows for the identification and authentication of stakeholders, service provision, invoicing and payment settlement

2. Retail Industry - Conscious consumers are demanding better. Demand for more transparency from brands, manufacturers, and producers throughout the supply chain. How Blockchain address this

3. Automotive – How Blockchain addresses the utility across the end to end Automotive value chain with key benefits

Speaker Profile

A Result-oriented Business & Digital Leader with over 24 Years of professional experience in IT, BPO and Manufacturing industry helping companies’ structure and implement global Digital transformational strategies, grow revenues and actualize business value across multiple industry domains in IT and BPO outsourcing services. 9+ years in Capgemini from Jan 2009 – Experience in Application Management and Business services

1. Lead large Business Digital Transformation programs across multiple geographies enabling expansion of Global IT and BPO Outsourcing services for 3 Global organizations in last 14 years.

2. Delivered Superior Business and IT Outcomes, reduce Operational Cost, etc. for clients by analyzing the Business and Technology health through Short-term / Long-term transformation roadmaps

3. Heading the domain focused initiatives with the objective of delivering Business value. Designing strategic solutions to streamline operations across the value chain for specific domains.


Experience in Core delivery, Process Excellence, Technology and Business Transformation

Experience in Strategy, Design and Build of World class organizations through Process Excellence, Analytics, BPM, Automation and Technology innovation

Experience in Driving Digital transformation with latest technology suite – Robotics, AI, Chat Bots, Block chain

Sector Experience – Manufacturing, Automotive, HITEC, Retail, Healthcare, Insurance, Services

Industrialization, Continuous Improvement delivering Cost reduction and GOP improvement, Lean Six Sigma initiatives, Service and Predictive Analytics, Compliance to Quality, Information Security and Enterprise Risk Management

Industry Experience - Managing Production Shop floor and Plant employees, Production, Planning & Control, Supply Chain and Plant Analytics

X Topic Abstract

Speaker Profile

X Topic Abstract
Speaker Profile

HashCash products allow enterprises to move assets and settle payments across borders in real-time using Blockchain technology. Global banks, corporate houses, exchanges, and merchants use HashCash Network, HC NET for retail remittance, corporate payment, currency exchange and payment processing. Under Raj's leadership, HashCash has emerged as a Blockchain company with 60+ banks and exchanges in 26 countries using its network.

Earlier Chowdhury pioneered the first interbank Trade Finance and Remittance implementations of Blockchain Technology between ICICI Bank in India and Emirates NBD in UAE. He is an eminent voice on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies globally and actively engages with policymakers in this area. He is a contributor to Economic Times, Business World, Business Standard and advises industry leaders in adoption of Blockchain.


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Event Speakers

AT Kishore (Ex Flt Lt Indian Air Force)

Principal Consultant Telecom

UTL Technologies

Puneet Gupta

Chief Digital Officer

ITC Infotech

Dr Shankar Ramamoorthy

Chief Customer Success Officer

Harman Connected Services

Tanish Mathur

Assistant Vice President


Shreekant Kulkarni

Founder & CEO

GreenHashes, Spandan Technologies Pvt Ltd & eBhatji

Vishwanath Shastry

Vice President

Unocoin Technologies Pvt Ltd

Dr Vikram Venkateswaran

Digital Transformation I Author I Speaker |Senior Advisor- Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

NTT DATA Services

Rangaraj Sriramulu

Vice President


Raj Chowdhury

Managing Director

HashCash Consultants

Srinivas Kulkarni

Director - Organizational Development

Social Kinnect


India Head

Xender MovieChain

Srinivas Peesapaty

India Representative,

Gold Coin

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