UNICOM cordially invites you to participate at the Agile Leadership Summit 2020, scheduled to take place virtually!

As leaders, we often put our teams and organizations first. We have a responsibility to foster continuous learning and improvement. And when we want to bring about change, the trick is introducing it in a way that is effective—not invasive—and lasting. If this were easy, it would not be called leading. So, join us at the Agile Leadership Summit to challenge yourself and increase your leadership mastery.


  • On the event day we are aiming to include high quality technical/review presentations from thought leaders as well as case studies from practitioners and solution providers.
  • We will also feature extended knowledge-sharing discussions in live Q&A rounds and Panel Discussion for sharing insights and industry trends. The panel session is for 40 minutes.
  • If you would like to join the discussion, please submit a topic related to Agile methodologies
  • Participants join in by posting their questions over Slido, and shape their learning, share their own experiences as well as hear fresh ideas.
  • Conversations carry on in our LinkedIn UNICOM Learning | Software Testing & Agile Testing professionals group

Topics to be covered

  • People (career) & Performance Appraisals
  • Tools - Portfolio Management, Distributed Teams
  • Agile Transformation
  • Agile Group Dynamics
  • Challenges with Agile Leadership
  • Organizational Impact of Agile
  • Agile Metrics – what to measure and how
  • Agile Maturity Model for Distributed Teams
  • Lean UX
  • Kanban
  • Lean Software Development
  • Scrum
  • Velocity Tracking
  • Differences between classic waterfall and agile development Design Thinking

Benefits of Attending:

  • Focus on how does one transit into a leadership role to create an adaptive organization with faster results, higher quality, and unparalleled innovation
  • Improve test professional-skills.
  • Lean on evolution of leaders at all levels, striving to transform teams, organizations and enterprises by applying agile leadership principles and values.
  • Broaden the horizons in areas such as Agile leadership, Change Management, Agile Mind-sets, Systems Thinking, High Performance Teams and Agile Product Development amongst others.

“Thanks to everyone who hosted the conference and who made the last two days really enjoyable, watching and learning from the agile leaders in the community. It was great fun talking to an amazing group of experts today and taking part in a fun panel discussion with Sarah Saunders and Laveena Ramchandani.”


Chief Technology Officer, Digital Ventures

“Thank you to UNICOM Seminars for organising such a great fully remote conference with a lot of interaction, engagement and interesting content. It was a pleasure to speak and participate in the panel discussion too! Look forward to the next one!”


Agile Delivery Consultant - Enterprise Agile / DevOps Transformation

“Technology in action!! Online conference and a successful one! Well attended with lot of interactions. Great Panel discussion. Learnt different perspectives! Kudos to Unicom”


Chief Technology Officer at Indium Software

“For the third time I will be part of the #Agile, #Testing & #DevOps Showcase. First time online and I’m very excited!”


Test Automation Engineer, deTesters

“Great panel discussion we had! Loved it. Thanks.”


Professional Scrum Trainer & Professional Scrum Master III, Co-Learning

“Vivit Worldwide was proud to sponsor such a fantastic event! Thank you UNICOM Seminars!”


Director of Marketing at Vivit Worldwide

“Thanks. Really enjoyed been part of this superstar line up!”


CTO And Co-Founder, Digital Assured

“Awesome presentation with great insights on unknown facts and issues facing in Agile.”





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We are inviting speakers – thought leaders, subject experts and start-up entrepreneurs – to share their knowledge and enthusiasm about their work and vision in these three fields. Please let us know too if you would like to participate in panel sessions only. Please also get in touch if you would like to participate in the Round Table session.

We understand that successful projects are written up as “White Papers”. Please share these with us. But projects that did not achieve their targets – "Black Papers"- are of interest to us too. They can be important topics of discussion / panels where you can present. Talk to us about both, we welcome your input.

We are also planning short “how to do” sessions or full-day workshops to run as pre or post conference events. Let us know if you have a related topic that you want to run as a workshop or an extended briefing.

Please complete the speaker’s response form and submit a proposal to present at this event.


Priyank Pathak

Priyank Pathak, Curator, Innovation Roots

Topic Abstract

Everything changed and became challenging all of sudden. As an industry, we didn't get enough time to prepare for solutions to operating remotely.

As we can evidently see the world is changed due to the Pandemic. It is time to transform the leadership and is the only option left for surviving as an enterprise.

As we can evidently see the world is changed due to the Pandemic. It is time to transform the leadership and is the only option left for surviving as an enterprise.

Some of the key concepts we implemented at our workplace are and translated the challenge into opportunity as an enterprise -

  • Trust-based Employment
  • Moral Courage Responsibility
  • Openness as a Cultural Language
  • Bottom Line Org Structure
  • 20mins

    Priyank Pathak

    Greg Cohen, Founder, Agile excellence LLC

    Topic Abstract

    Getting to MVP quickly is a critical milestone for teams. Learn why, a framework for lean validation, and how to reduce risk along the way based on your context.

    Presentation Description: The MVP or Minimum Viable Product, popularized by Lean Startup, plays a critical role in Lean product validation. It is the most important test to demonstrate that product-market fit has been achieved. Yet teams are often unclear what an MVP is and how to prioritize it versus other research options.

    In this session, Lean product management expert Greg Cohen will shed light on the history of the MVP, how it fits into Lean product validation, and how different companies approached the MVP in new product introductions with a mix of B2C and B2B situations and differing market contexts.

    Attendees will learn: 1) A practical definition for an MVP
    2) Why getting to an MVP quickly is a critical team priority
    3) The three steps, and the two types of tests, used in lean product validation 4) A testing framework to select the correct experiments for validation to reduce project risk and shorten the time to product-market fit based on your unique situation 5) Multiple case studies to show how lean validation was applied in B2B and B2C situations to get to an MVP and beyond


    Ramanathan Yegyanarayanan

    Ramanathan Yegyanarayanan, Agile Coach, Standard Chartered Global Business Services

    Topic Abstract

    Introduction: 2 mins Understanding of Domains in Cynefin framework: 5 mins Do's and Don'ts of Agile Transformation: 15 mins How to sustain: 15 mins Conclusion and Questions: 5 mins In this session you would be able to understand the do and don'ts of any agile transformation and how to sustain them.


    Roland Cuellar

    Roland Cuellar, VP of Digital Transformation, LitheSpeed LLC

    Topic Abstract

    Using OKRs, Impact Mapping, and WSJF to achieve more outcome for less time and money.

    A lingering pandemic is creating a difficult business environment where consumers are more frugal and revenues have fallen. At the same time, the need for new functionality and fixes are at a high due to the massive changes in work and spending habits, and the heightened awareness around the security implications of doing everything online.

    At this time more than ever, organizations need to find ways to do more with less. In this talk, Roland Cuellar, SVP of Business Agility at LitheSpeed will discuss three tools for maximizing the business impact with the smallest investments and in the shortest amounts of time.


    Mia Horrigan

    Mia Horrigan, Co-founder, Zen ex Machina

    Topic Abstract

    Most enterprises struggle with ability to respond quickly to change, get to market faster and innovate. Now more than ever, the ability to respond to change over ‘following a plan’ couldn’t ring truer. Hindsight is 20/20 but none of us could have predicted the unprecedented effect that COVID19 has wrought upon every aspect of our lives. Now we are working from home, readjusting to a "next normal", but all the while living in a state of chaos whilst still ‘keeping the lights on’ in the space of not months or years but in weeks, days and even hours.

    Organisations have already had to rapidly change the products or services they ‘traditionally’ brought to market and reinvent themselves at lightning speed to not just stay relevant but to actually survive. How do executives ensure their agile teams remain productive and how do you create a culture that can pivot and adapt to meet market changes? How to create the measures to help you steer when the speed of change is rapid and understand the leading indicators to track to reduce your risk profile.


    Mia Horrigan

    Kimberley Miller, Agile Expert

    Topic Abstract

    As Agile Leaders, sometimes it is easy for us and our team to slip into constant "fire-fighting mode", facilitation requests, team coaching support, new team kick-offs, etc. How do we get ourselves out of the weeds and able to self-organise to create long-term impact? This talk will share 1 method Agile teams have used to better understand and plan for the future.


    Mia Horrigan

    Uma Seetharaman, Director Of Engineering, Amazon

    Topic Abstract

    My personal journey of organisation transformation by instilling Agile Team values


    Our Speakers

    • Priyank Pathak
      Preeth Pandalay

      Priyank Pathak

      Innovation Roots

    • Greg Cohen
      Preeth Pandalay

      Greg Cohen

      Agile excellence LLC

    • Ramanathan Yegyanarayanan
      Mohammed Ali Vakil

      Ramanathan Yegyanarayanan

      Standard Chartered

    • Roland Cuellar
      Roland Cuellar

      Roland Cuellar

      LitheSpeed LLC

    • Mia Horrigan
      Mia Horrigan

      Mia Horrigan

      Zen ex Machina

    • Uma Seetharaman
      Uma Seetharaman

      Uma Seetharaman


    • Kimberley Miller
      Kimberley Miller

      Kimberley Miller

      Agile Expert


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