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The Blockchain Summit, organized by the UNICOM will take place on 24th May 2018 Johannesburg. The Blockchain Conference 2018 will bring together a diverse range of experts who will discuss all the opportunities, challenges and exciting possibilities in innovation and disruption that can be leveraged in Johannesburg using this technology.

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that minimizes fraud and maximizes efficiency, security & transparency in supply chains, healthcare, global money systems, financial technologies, democratic elections, auction of public assets, energy trading, electronic record authentication, delivery of Government services, IoT and much, much more. Blockchain technology in the information age represents the critical intersection between the financial rails, social networking, and powerful decentralised networks. It is critical for stakeholders to formulate careful legal and business strategies around novel business models as the technology and infrastructure, as well as the corresponding market appetite and regulatory structures, evolve rapidly in disparate global markets.


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Blockchain is most commonly associated with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But in the financial sector, it isn’t just digital currencies that are shaking things up. Blockchain and other technologies are disrupting the way we handle everything from banking and payments, to loans, accounting, and investments.

Speaker Profile

Candice Lee Reeves is a copywriter, blogger, and the co-founder / Chief Communications Officer of cryptocurrency tech start-up, Imellio. She’s actively involved in the blockchain space through the development of Imellio’s crypto wallet and via her blog and social media persona, Crypto Candy.

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The success of blockchains are proving to be a double edged sword. What began as an experiment in peer-to-peer payments has exploded into a global phenomenon with massive economic, technological and societal impacts. The continued success of blockchains is dependent on how they must scale to meet this demand. Aatish will demystify and compare the various approaches to scaling and their implications for the future.

Speaker Profile

Aatish Ramkaran is a veteran solution architect who has been described as ‘contagiously passionate’. He thrives on discovering innovative solutions to complex problems, and has been automating, integrating and enhancing financial services for the better part of a decade. He researches, ideates and designs Fintech solutions using a rapid delivery process based on Design Thinking and Lean principles. Aatish is a strong advocate of furthering the application of science and technology to address global issues and is shamelessly optimistic about our future. He is a member of the South African Financial Blockchain Consortium.

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Enterprise blockchain solutions are at its infancy. People have long since realized that the underlying technology platform of the Bitcoin network provides a potential technology solution for challenges persisting in most existing business networks today. To establish trust, intermediaries and extra steps are often introduced into business networks, resulting in complex and costly processes. Blockchain technology by its very nature implement trust into the technical DNA of the network. The question is whether or not Blockchain technology is ready for the enterprise. Can it address questions like scalability and privacy? With solutions like HyperLedger Fabric V1 and Ethereum Quorum, toolsets like HyperLedger Composer, and concepts like zero knowledge proof maturing rapidly, the beginning of the enterprise Blockchain might be closer than you think.

Speaker Profile

Adele Jones have worked in the IT industry for 18 years of which the last 14 of those where in the financial sector specializing in information security. Her interests in Blockchain technology grew from the typical information security specialists quest to understand new technologies. Today she is the Lead Blockchain Architect for Nedbank. She is also the Nedbank technical representative on the South African Financial Blockchain Consortium.

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The fourth industrial revolution combines advanced technologies in innovative ways, dramatically reshaping the way people live, work and relate to one another. Blockchain technology is one such technology that collaborates ecosystems that will drive various industries to build interconnected innovated systems. Intense collaboration and new formed interconnectedness will allow for decrease in traditional banking costs, as well as increase speed and value of transactions. It also brings with more opportunities to incorporate financial inclusion for both banked and unbanked markets.

Speaker Profile

Shireen Ramjoo, is the founder of Liquid Crypto-Money, a forerunner in the cryptocurrency/blockchain space in South Africa. A regular media commentator on the crypto space of trends and developments in Africa, she is passionate about driving literacy and awareness on distributed ledgers and blockchain on the African continent, as her background stems of finance industry having worked on three of the four major banks in South Africa

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In Africa more and more people are confidently talking about how they are utilizing blockchain related technologies in their daily lives to store, exchange and grow value. In South Africa some merchants are facilitating these processes not to miss out from the public's growing adoption of this trend. The public is taking full advantage of the opportunities that are disadvantaging business at times. Can business and the financial sector make the most of this disruption? Are regulators be able to strike the balance in coming up with processes that protect and benefit both consumers , business and the financial sector ? Come hear the findings.

Speaker Profile

Muwonge Benon Kagezi is an electrical engineer. He did his BSc Electrical Engineering and MSC Electrical Engineering at the University of Cape Town. After his Masters program, he worked at the CSIR for 9 years researching emerging technologies in his role as a Senior Research Engineer. He then moved to SAP and is now working as a Senior technology Specialist and a Leonardo Specialist, specialising in IOT and Blockchain.

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Ubiquitous computing promises to bring information at our finger tips from anywhere and at any point in time through Internet of things (IoT). In addition to the flexibility, ease of data and information access are complex challenges. Is Blockchain a solution to these challenges? Come and find out.

Speaker Profile

Sindisiwe Chuma is an Engineering Technologist She's a Blockchain enthusiasts whose research interest is studying how South Africans and Africa at large relates to Blockchain.

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In 1752 Ben Franklin tied a key onto a kite string during a storm to prove that static electricity and lightning were the same. By that time the workings of electricity was relatively well known but practical applications for it was not yet invented. Satoshi Nakamoto tied the bitcoin key to the blockchain kite string, proving the concept of a decentralised ledger using the blockchain technology and paved the way for the future. We are at the point in the blockchain timeline where we know what the blockchain is as well as every type of catch phrase that comes right after it. Innovative, disruptive, transformational, and yet the only thing we have to show is a key on a kite string. Where exactly then are we in the timeline of Blockchain? What research are being done in the blockchain space? What’s next and what can you as an individual or company do to possibly get your name in the history books?

Speaker Profile

Ruan du Preez obtained a BSc Computer Science degree at North West University in 2011 and his Honours in 2012, where some of his majors with distinctions included Computer Security, Decision Support Systems and Data Warehousing. With 7 years of developer experience Ruan has had extensive experience working in the financial and medical industries.

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Speaker Profile

Richard de Sousa is a Senior partner at AltcoinTrader, one of Africa's oldest and South Africa's largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Richard is passionate about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, as he has been one of early adopters from 2011. He has a wealth of information on the topic to share.


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Candice Lee Reeves

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Aatish Ramkaran

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Adele Jones

Lead Blockchain Architect


Benon Muwonge Kagezi

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SAP Africa

Sindisiwe Chuma

Engineering Technologist

Ruan du Preez

Senior Software Developer

IQ Business

Shireen Ramjoo


Liquid Crypto-Money

Richard de Sousa



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